When Should I Put Ads On My Website

You have found a nice website. You have regular traffic. Now, how do you turn this website into a cash-generating machine? There is no better way to make money than doing nothing, right? Well, not so fast. New website owners are thrilled with the opportunity to place ads on their websites and generate additional income. And Google makes it very easy with its AdSense service not to mention the hundreds of other options available. But, is it always a good idea to place ads on your website?

I don’t expect to have 10 to 20 articles on the site. You must have content to support the ads. But it is not that simple. I am fortunate to have an AdSense account approved. The process of adding new sites to an AdSense account is much faster and easier than applying for an AdSense account. This means that I can quickly get AdSense ads on new sites. Once I have AdSense ads on my site, I also place ads on this header auction network and my video ad network. I’m waiting for AdSense to be approved because my premium header bidding networks and video ad providers are running Google ads. So I also approve of them.

Adding a Website to an Existing AdSense Account

If your AdSense account is in good standing, you must obtain approval from your AdSense advertising capacity to add your site to your account. An AdSense account does not mean that you can place ads on the site of your choice. The approval process is still pending for each site. The approval process for adding sites is much more difficult than 1 year ago. You need great content and a little traffic. How much do we estimate? I have been approved daily with 20 articles and 100 visitors, but my account is a good volume. Arrangements may be done on a case-by-case basis. The goal is to get Adsense ads on new sites as soon as possible.

When Should I Put Ads On My Website

Applying for an AdSense account is another matter. It is not so simple. You need a good site with good traffic. Again, I don’t know how much content and traffic. I know AdSense pretty poppy these days. So don’t be surprised if you get rejected for the first time. Once you’ve been approved. Run your ads on the ASAP site so you can get money to cover your content and hosting costs.

Once you approved for AdSense. I’ll place ads from other networks on your site as soon as possible. Some premium ad networks have monthly traffic limits so they can interrupt. But it’s worth trying to improve your income as soon as possible because every dollar you earn is a dollar that you can reinvest.

Speed Up Ad Monetization for Many Websites

I have a good advantage over small publishers because I have a lot of traffic and high-income sites. This gives me a competitive advantage that I can get premium ad networks faster on my small sites due to my higher gross revenues. In other words, because I have sites that earn thousands every month from premium ad networks, they are happy to place my ad on my low traffic sites.

Not only does it help me earn faster using new, smaller sites, it also gives me the benefit of buying certain sites where I can leverage my relationships with existing ad networks. I have a fair chance to increase revenue from my sites. I can also leverage my contacts and relationships to attract money from investors.

The Primary Reason When Should I put ads on my website?

If you get 300 or more authentic visitors to your website in one day and you don’t already sell anything on your site, you can make some reasonable money without having to shoot yourself in the foot. For example, I have a website that generates about $ 150 in advertising revenue per month through AdSense. My site attracts nearly 300 visitors a day. It’s not live, but it helps.

Much of your success or failure will depend on the quality of your content. If people land on your website and leave after 2 seconds because they bored, you will not get a lot of clicks on the ads. Even better than using an ad serving service, see if you can find the company you want to pay for ad space on your site each month. This way you can do more than just clicks.

You can also partner with other website services and affiliate programs that will encourage users to sign up after clicking on one of your ads. Best of all, most websites are good without advertising, but good traffic can make money. If you have a lot of traffic and you don’t think the ads will alienate your audience, it might be worth considering your options.

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