7 Best Free Planning, Writing, and Editing Apps for Writers

Only writers know the struggles that come along with this creative and demanding job. So, when a helping hand is offered to you in the form of digital tools, you should accept it in a heartbeat. 

Writing takes a lot of energy and creativity, and that’s something that you have to do on your own. However, you can use tools that can make your job less complicated.

If you browse the web in need of planning, writing, and editing apps, you’ll come across endless choices. That’s why we decided to make this job a little easier for you and surface the best free apps and tools. Ready or not, here they come!

1. Evernote

Did you ever wish (even for a second) for a writing assistant? Evernote can make that dream come true. This exceptional app is a planning and organizing wizard. 

Evernote allows you to create to-do lists, make notes, or checklists. Your writing projects can be carefully planned within Evernote, and you won’t have to worry about missing a deadline. 

The note-taking features are just the beginning. Use Evernote to quickly record writing ideas before they evaporate, save images you want to use in your posts, or clip web pages you need for research.

You’ll get to sync Evernote across your devices and access the files at all times. The free plan allows you to sync up to 2 devices.

2. Hubspot Blog Ideas Generator

Reportedly, you should publish new blog content 2-4 times a week to get the best results in terms of traffic and conversions. That’s A LOT of topics.

Hubspot innovators came up with a solution – Blog Ideas Generator. All you need is a keyword, and Hubspot’s ideas generator will provide you with numerous topic ideas you can work on.

The Blog Ideas Generator can give you that boost of fresh topics whenever you hit a dead end. Having those topic ideas in front of you can also stimulate your brain and help you think of some other interesting content ideas.

3. 750 Words

Consistency is the key to productivity. Whether you are working on a new book or creating blog content, writing regularly is the foundation for achieving your goals. An app that understands and supports the importance of consistency is 750 Words.

750 Words will urge you to write 750 words (about 3 pages) every single day. Writing 3 pages a day isn’t too much to ask for, but it can make a world of difference. Since maintaining that consistency can be hard, 750 words can be your motivator to stick to your writing plans. 

This app also has a psychological benefit. Starting to write with a specific word count in mind will give you a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. That sense won’t appear if you don’t have any set goals.

4. Pro Writing Aid

This tool is a must in the writer’s community. As Pro Writing Aid creator’s put it, it is “a grammar checker, style editor, and writing mentor in one package.” How could we talk about editing apps and not mention this one?

Pro Writing Aid’s free software can be added in Chrome and used online. In the free version, you’ll get to edit 19 writing reports and edit 500 words at a time.

What makes this tool so special is that it goes beyond highlighting your spelling and grammar errors. It also helps you improve your writing style, and that’s what I love most about it,” said Amanda Partridge, a freelance writer and contributor writer at ClassyEssay and GrabMyEssay essay writing services. 

Pro Writing aid will analyze your sentence structures, consistency, overused words, and other stylistic aspects of your writing. Based on that report, you can work on strengthening your skills.

5. Top Essay Writing

Sometimes writing tools aren’t sufficient to get you out of the writing block. When the moments of creative silence emerge, that’s when you should turn to other writers for help.

Writing service Tops Essay Writing is primarily focused on helping students with essays. However, their affordable prices and fast service is what draws many writers to it. They may not be free, but they do offer first-time customers a discount and have the most reasonable prices. 

If you want to check out similar writing companies to compare the costs and services, go to TrustMyPaper or SupremeDissertations. They are also one of the favorite websites among writers. 

You can also check out TopEssay Writing’s free blog content, where they cover lots of writing-related topics. Aside from writing services and blog content, they can help you with editing and proofreading. When you need that human touch in editing, this is where you can get that.

6. Focus Writer

Keeping your head in the game and focusing solely on writing can be a challenge. Notifications, emails, or other apps can distract you in no time. Before you know it, you’ve spent 2 hours reading about upcoming dog competitions instead of working on your project.

FocusWriter is an app that is created as an answer to the distraction problem. You’ll get a distraction-free interface that consists of features you need for writing. 

Even though it is an app that puts simplicity in focus, Focus Writer has different themes, timers, statistics, spell-check, and more. Simply put, it provides you with a distraction-free workplace as well as writing necessities. What more can a writer want?

7. Quetext

Use Quetext to ensure that your writing is 100% original. It can happen that you accidentally pick up someone’s phrase or sentence. That’s why a free plagiarism detection tool such as Quetext can be of great help.

The tool will detect any “stolen” sentences. Just paste the content in the plagiarism checker and let it do its thing. 

Thanks to Quetext, you’ll know that your published work will be as authentic as it gets.

Final Thoughts

This little list has all the apps and tools that a writer might need. You can plan, write, and edit with the best of the best apps and tools. What’s even better, you’ll do it for free! Don’t hesitate to take advantage of these amazing apps. Why miss out on a chance to make writing somewhat easier?

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