CCleaner and Glary Utilities

CCleaner and Glary Utilities software are one of the most loved apps for any Windows enthusiast. Both the applications are the best fit if you are looking for a legitimate application for cleaning up your PC caches and keeping your PC system in the best shape.

There are also other applications too on the market for you guys to explore. While exploring for PC cleaners and optimizers on the internet, you will come across tons and tons of software’s that are available on the market.

CCleaner and Glary Utilities

While exploring, you might come across a few advertisements promising to clean up PC and optimize it, but in reality, they are nothing but a scam. Some of those advertisements and software’s are viruses faking to be the actual software.

Other software on the market provides both the free version and the paid version of the software. Typically, the free version provides limited features and resources for you to use and the paid version is the pro version of the software which comes with every feature and resources the software has to offer.

The free version is not less than a pain. They come with unwanted browser modifications and annoying advertisements.

Before, downloading and installing any of the applications available in the market, you must do a bit of research on whether they are legitimate applications or are just a scam, whether they will help you out with the work you want it to do.

Now, coming back to CCleaner and Glary Utilities, which windows cleaning utility out of them is the one for you? Let’s compare both the applications, and decide which one will win.

CCleaner Utility

CCleaner started from the days when there was windows XP and was used to clean windows. CCleaner is one of the best for one-click application data and system clean up.
When you will open the application, it will open the cleaner tab by default.

The application provides the option of what you want to clean. On the windows side, you will find various options like cleaning the recycle bin, log files, memory dump, clearing the clipboard, and much more.

CCleaner and Glary Utilities

Just keep in mind while cleaning up the data, that the data that is being cleared is the junk and not any important files. However, CCleaner knows very well what is junk and what is not.

CCleaner and Glary Utilities

It is a free version and comes with all the cleaning features. However, the professional and professional plus features are paid versions. They come with added features like real-time monitoring, automatic updates, defragging, file recovery and hardware analysis.

Glary Utility

The first and foremost thing you all need to know is that Glory Utility is not specifically designed to be a cleaner application for your windows.

CCleaner and Glary Utilities

When you will launch the Glary Utility application, you won’t find any Cleaner tab. The Glary Utility application provides a set of management tools.

It comes with one-click maintenance mode that will remove the spyware, check registry, shortcuts, startup apps and will repair disk damage. Everything mentioned above will be done with just one single click.

CCleaner and Glary Utilities

The application comes with advanced tune-up options as well. To find out what exactly I mean by advanced tune-up options, then just go to the advanced tools tab in the Glary Utility application.

There you will find tools for registry cleaning, privacy management, and hard disk defrag, disk space clean up, system control, driver backup, and malware utility.

CCleaner and Glary Utilities

Glary Utility application also comes with a free version that is free to use with all the above-mentioned features.

However, if you want to upgrade to the pro version of the application, then you would have to pay $28 which will come with features like automatic maintenance in the background, free technical support, and a commercial license.

Glary is the winner of the above-mentioned features that CCleaner and Glary Utilities have to offer. However, there are things that CCleaner can do and Glary does not.

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