Canva and Adobe Spark

In this age of social media, it is very important to make a presence through unique content. Creating content is not difficult, but creating content that sounds professional and sticks to your brand aesthetic, well, that’s where the problem starts. This is a huge challenge that every individual, small business owners, and large companies has to fight and evolve like a star. The large companies can hire someone brilliant in creating unique content, which can bring a boost to their marketing. But, small business owners, who just started, cannot hire someone professional in this work. They cannot afford to pay a huge amount of money to someone at their initial steps. So here is when tools like Canva and Adobe spark become the knight in shining armor.

Canva and Adobe Spark are one of the best graphic design tools in the market which can help any individual help to curate and design content on different platforms. These tools can help anyone to manage their social media and will cut through the online clutter. If talking about creating authentic content for your project or business, then Canva and Adobe Spark tools are just for you.

The question here arises is, which out of them is a better tool that we can use? Don’t you worry guys, because down below you will find the exact thing you are looking for! We will thoroughly discuss what they are? How does it work? And their features. We will compare both the tools and tell you, which design platform is much better.

So, without wasting time and getting confused, let’s dive into it.


Canva and Adobe Spark

What it is it

Till now, we know that Canva is a graphic tool that can be used to create media graphics. Now, which type of media graphics are we talking about? Well, media graphics such as book covers, invitations, resumes and social media designs. You can use Canva to create and collaborate on unique designs with their teams. You can get both professional as well as non-professional content with this tool. It offers easy to go and quick interface to create graphics.

How it works

The most important question of the day. How does the Canva tool work? Well, it is not rocket  science that you won’t be able to understand. All you need to do is, login into the Canva account and start designing. That simple. Select any template, add text, backgrounds, music, shapes to your template and you are ready to share it. You can also start from scratch with a blank template. If you want to use your assets, then you just need to upload them in the upload folder.

Some amazing features

Canva comes with so many different templates with different designs that it can suit the need of each person. Secondly, Canva offers drag and drop amazing functionality. With this function, you can easily add photos, icons, shapes to your template. Lastly, the image organization. It is the best feature so far. Canva pro has this amazing unique productivity hack that allows users to have access to the folders to arrange purchased photos.


Canva is a free tool that can be used by any individual. However, it comes to a pro version that costs $9.95 per month and an Enterprise version which costs $30.00 per month.

Adobe Spark

Canva and Adobe Spark

What is it

Adobe Spark is a photo editing and design application that can be used both online and on mobile. It helps its users to create unique and engaging content whether it be graphics, videos and web pages. This tool can masterfully help users with no design experience to curate content and cut through the online clutter. The tool comes with the three-pronged suite. Adobe post which helps with graphics, Spark page with is used for web pages, and spark video which helps with all the video creation.

To make the process easier, Adobe spark has an intuitive cross-team functionality and customizable brandify feature, that helps the Adobe spark users to share their story.

How does it work

Log in to your account either online or through your mobile. Select any template that will be curated according to the visual story you plan on telling. You can also begin from scratch. You can add text, photos, your brand’s logo and icon to the template. You can select any layout, color themes, and designs for your content. The tool comes with a feature where you need not worry about the dimensions of the social media platform where you will be sharing your template. Just choose the social media network from the options and Adobe spark will change the dimensions of the design accordingly.


Adobe spark is free to use as a starter plan that can be used either online or on mobile. However, you would have to pay $9.99 per month for an individual plan and $30.00 per month for a Team plan.

Lovable Features

Adobe spark comes with a vast image library. You do need not to worry about downloading and uploading. The tool makes it easier to format templates even without losing the content you have added. Adobe spark comes with an amazing tool that maps the layout positions and text placements to help create a nearly finished design. The tool comes with a variety of fonts and primary and secondary heading feature for details and subheadings.

Which one out of the two options?

It is a difficult task to choose between the Canva and Adobe Spark. Both the tools are amazing, with amazing features. Both of them offer tools to make the content more distinct and offers a simple interface to use it. Where Canva offers a simple design interface, Adobe Spark stands out in personalizing the experience with its essence. However, both Canva and Adobe Spark are great competitors.

No matter what is your skill level, Adobe spark does all the work for you. With its Content-Aware Layout feature, you need not worry about anything. It determines all the free spaces, which content is more important to be shown and predicts text positioning. No matter whether you are an expert or not, Adobe spark does most of the work for you. With Adobe Spark you can reach maximum audience and shine through. It’s just like hiring someone to do the work just the way you want.


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