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Artificial intelligence isn’t something from science fiction movies anymore. Even Iron Man’s Jarvis isn’t just a movie character anymore. AI has found a way in almost every aspect of our lives. It’s helpful no matter the fears some people have about it. Those fears are rooted in not knowing what’s behind those two letters that seemingly control our lives. Luckily, the best cure for ignorance is learning, so we’ll explain how it’s used in one of the fastest-growing industries – online dating.

AI-based Matchmaking Algorithm

Artificial intelligence impacted every part of online dating, but it’s best visible in modern matchmaking algorithms. In the past (decades ago), algorithms were so slow it took weeks to get matches. And to get them, one would have to go to a matchmaking agency. Then the first dating sites showed up, but matchmaking was terrible, so most people didn’t want to waste time there. That takes us to today and the new generation of online dating.

Now algorithms work faster than we can imagine and give better results. But how? By monitoring everything members on dating sites do and calculating all available data. And yes, that’s perfectly safe. Something similar happens on most sites you visit and on every social media. Do you think that YouTube guesses with those ads? Please. However, that’s not bad. Those are advantages of modern technology, and they give more value to online dating than in most other industries.

Everybody knows how tiring dating can be, but artificial intelligence is the solution. It works on huge sites with too many members and niche sites where people seek someone/something specific. On the site for couples looking for a man, it would be pointless if a couple kept seeing singles they don’t like. AI solves that by learning who people pick in the matchmaking games and who makes them stop browsing. Those are signs that someone has found something interesting, so the algorithm picks it up and starts showing more similar results. Of course, that’s a simplified version, but enough to understand how AI helps.

More importantly, understand that the more you give to the dating site, the more you get back. Fill your profile completely to give the algorithm enough info to connect you with matches. Don’t be passive. Like other members, send messages. AI keeps track of your taste and rewards the effort by giving more visibility. Artificial intelligence on online dating sites is like a digital wingman, the best one anyone could wish for.

Can AI Identify Gender or Sexual Identity?

Artificial intelligence can read biometrics but can’t determine if someone is male or female just by looking at one photo. At least not with 100% certainty. So it can’t read sexual orientation either. AI isn’t Spider-Sense. It can work only with the information it has. But some dating sites let their members create accounts using social media. Then they can give their AI access to social media to pick up more info about members to suggest better matches. By doing that, AI can learn about gender and sexuality.

Still, that can be achieved even without connecting any other account to a dating site by following the simplest advice to complete the profile as mentioned above. Fill the space on your dating profile. Every platform gives its members enough space to show their personality, sexuality, and gender. On niche sites, gender and sexuality often aren’t a problem because they attract only specific people, but it’s still crucial to give the algorithm info. You can’t expect fruit if you don’t water and fertilize your plant. Online dating is the same.

AI-enhanced Security

Some people are afraid that AI isn’t safe. But they don’t know that the purpose of artificial intelligence is to make the internet safer. It’s been a couple of years since Zuckerberg got himself a real-life Jarvis. He wouldn’t put his home at the mercy of AI if he wasn’t sure that AI is 100% safe. But let’s get back to online dating and the role of AI there. In online dating, people are often afraid that sites aren’t safe. We can’t speak for everyone, but most modern sites are good to use.

They even have AI security systems that serve as guardians to the community. When hackers decide to attack, they look for errors in the code and use them to get into the system. It was simpler to breach safety systems in the past because they weren’t as fast or complicated. Now, AI watches over the code 24/7 and fixes mistakes immediately after finding them. That eliminates every chance of cyber attacks on good dating sites. AI is our friend, our wingman who never judges, just helps.

Summing up, it can be seen that the main areas of AI work are to improve the user experience provided and increase the security of being on a dating site. With these technologies, any dating site for singles and couples gains selectivity, reliability and performance that is not available with live dating.

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