Best Android Backup Software

So, you dropped your phone in the middle of the crosswalk. The first thought that might be racing in your head will be all the contacts, text messages, pictures, and notes stored on your device. Are you searching for the best android backup software for PC? This software is an important tool for every mobile phone user as it helps to store all the digital data and the best memories of your life. There is many free android backup software available on google play store that can help you to save your data. Listed below are the Top 4 Android Backup Software used for backing-up or restoring your data.

Top best Android backup software

Helium – App Sync and Backup

Helium helps to create a complete backup without any root access.



The software allows you to backup data, apps, SMS, and even your call logs.

By simply installing the desktop version and pairing the two devices you can easily backup your data.

There is an automatic scheduled backup feature also installed in Helium. You just need to install the pro version of the software, and it will back up and store all your store in the cloud.

The free feature of Helium allows you to restore and backup to SD card and also backup and restore from PC.

The premium features of Helium have no ads and allows Android to Android sync.

Mobikin Assistant for Android

If you are searching for a simple way to manage your Android, then Mobikin Assistant for Android is the best solution for you.



One-click for all the files from Android backup to PC that helps the Android backup more easily and quickly.

You can easily restore all the backed-up files from the computer to the Android device with a single click.

You can selectively back up your Android data and also export the required contacts, text messages, call logs, music, photos, and many other things from the Android device to your system.

All your exported files will be saved in the same as the original format and with the same quality on the computer.

Mobikin organizes the apps without any limitations.

Mobikin can be compatible with all the popular brands of Android devices.

Super Backup

Super Backup is the simplest android backup software that functions very well and is the easiest to use.

Super Backup


Allows to backup apps to SD card

Backups all the contacts, SMS, bookmarks, and calendars to SD card

Restores all the contacts, SMS, bookmarks, and calendars from SD card

You can backup selected SMS conversations with Super Backup

Allows to delete backup data on the SD card

Allows you to schedule an automatic backup

Super Backup auto uploads the scheduled backup files to your Gmail.

You can see your last backup count and time

Allows to change the backup folder path in the settings

Easy backup and Restore

If you have not yet installed any backup software, try the Easy Backup and Restore app. It is considered the best backup software for Android as it helps you transfer the backup from one mobile to another mobile hassle-free.

Easy backup and Restore


Securely stores and restores all your data like call logs, SMS, pics, music, and other important documents or files on your device.

Schedule your backup and even set manually backup.

What you need is to connect the device to your computer using the USB cable and locate the folder name on the phone.

You can copy and paste the data to your computer from the android device.

The app backup is available with Apk extract.

It is very important to back up your Android device regularly, as you can risk losing everything if you do not back up your device. With an expensive Smartphone, it should not be a great deal. This android backup software helps you to create a backup. As you know, devices can be replaceable, but the data on them is not.

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