VIZIO Soundbar no sound

If you don’t have an entire speaker system with Vizio soundbars, you don’t have to worry, as it is a great way to amplify audio from any external device. The best part is that these soundbars don’t require the entire speaker system. However, some users have reported that they have been facing an issue with the soundbar, due to which the Vizio soundbar becomes unable to play any sound or audio. If you have been facing the same Vizio soundbar no sound issue and want to get rid of that, go through this complete article, as here we have discussed some simple steps to troubleshoot it.

Why does the Vizio soundbar no sound issue occur?

There can be several reasons behind this issue. You can face this problem if the device you have connected with the soundbar has some kind of problem or if there is any other nearby device that is interrupting the connection of the soundbars. Besides that, the issue can occur due to problems with the hardware of the soundbars as well. However, here we have mentioned a few points you can go through to eliminate this issue.

Workarounds For Vizio soundbar no sound:

Before you try any of the complex troubleshooting methods, you have to make sure of a few things. There are a few requirements users need to meet to get sound from the soundbar. Here we have mentioned things you should check once before trying anything else.

Check the connection

First, ensure that the source audio is not muted on the source device connected with your sound bar.

Check the output of your source device

If you have connected a source with your soundbar using an optical cable and cannot hear anything from the soundbar, check your device once again. You must ensure that the source device is properly outputting PCM audio. There are a few devices and audio types that wouldn’t allow users to play audio through the soundbar when they are connected through an optical cable.

The sound bar is set up to play audio

Ensure that the sound bar is set up to play audio when the source audio is connected. The sound bar should be set to play audio from the correct input; if not, you can face problems.

Once you are done assuring all the points we have mentioned above, and everything is perfect, go through the troubleshooting methods mentioned below to resolve the issue.

Fix, Vizio Soundbar No Sound or Audio:

Check if the soundbar is powered on

First, you need to check whether the soundbar is powering on properly or not. Here is how you can know if your soundbar is properly powered on:-

  • If you can see that your soundbar has a light on either the left-hand side or the center of the bar, it is powered on.
  • If you do not see any lights on the bar, you will need to ensure that the power cord is properly connected to the outlet and the soundbar.
  • Sometimes, the issue can occur if the power outlet lacks power. You can check whether your power outlet is working properly or not by trying another device on that outlet. If it is not working properly, try to connect your soundbar to a different power outlet.

Check your audio port

Your Vizio TV has different inputs such as HDMI, cable, component and AV. If you want your soundbar to work properly, you have to make sure that the soundbar is connected to an “Audio Out” port that is located on the back side of the TV. The TV comes with different types of ports and it is quite normal to be confused between them. Most ports are inputs which means they bring video and audio into the TV. To hear sound from the soundbar, you will need to connect the soundbar to an output port which will output audio from the TV. The port should be labeled as an “Audio Out” port. Check whether it is connected to the right port or not.

Make Sure the SoundBar is Set to the Correct Input

At the next step, ensure that your soundbar is set to the correct input. Here we have mentioned how you can know that:

  • First, power on your TV and play any show or movie. Make sure that the audio is playing.
  • Now, navigate to the input button on your soundbar, press it, and keep holding that. You’ll need to keep pressing and holding that button until you can see the lights on the front start flashing.
  • Now, the audio input search will start automatically.
  • The lights on the front will now flash, indicating that your sound bar is searching through all the inputs to find the one into which the TV is plugged.

Try a Different Input

If you are facing the same problem even after trying the methods mentioned above, you can try using a different input. You will need to connect the cable to a different input on the soundbar. If you can hear a static sound at this point, you will need to replace the cable, as there can be some kind of issue with the cable itself. If the problem gets resolved by simply switching the input, it means that the input you had previously connected to has some defect. In that case, you can contact Vizio support to get that fixed.

Remove Any Interfering Devices

As we have mentioned before, the issue can occur due to the presence of another device that is interfering with your soundbar. It can be anything, such as your mobile device that sends a wireless signal away from the soundbar. If you have devices such as baby monitors, wireless routers, or cell phones near your soundbar, try to take them away from it and check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Contact Vizio support

As you have come this far in the article, we assume you have resolved your problem. But, if, anyhow, you are still facing the same issue with your soundbar, you will need to contact the Vizio support team for further assistance.

So, that’s it. We hope that the article was helpful to you and you have successfully resolved the Vizio soundbar no sound issue that has been irritating you.

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