add music to the Snapchat stories

How to add music to the Snapchat stories? Snapchat is the most famous social media app. Snapchat gives children and teenagers what they want. A simple way to share regular moments concurrently making them appear awesome.

Snapchat uses messages which might be intended to disappear. Like a lot of social media apps, Snapchat is a blended bag, so it’s a good idea to understand the way it works, how the youngsters use it and how much time they spend on it so that you can ensure their reviews are positive.

You connect to and follow friends, Snapchat offers a lot more cool stuff: games, information and entertainment, quizzes and simply progressive photo- and video-modifying tools. It even allows you to add music to Snapchat stories.


Today we are going to learn about How to add music to the Snapchat story. First, we must know what the Snapchat story is, so let’s begin.

add music to the Snapchat stories

A Snapchat story is a photo or video you post in your very own tales section (or feed) of your account, which is visible via you and all of your friends. Simply swipe left from the camera tab inside the Snapchat app until you see a display tab labeled Discover.

Your friend’s story will appear at the top of the friend’s section. You can tap anybody’s name to view a friend’s story, or stories in the order they had been published if the user published numerous of them. Stories go live for twenty-four hours and may be viewed again and again for that period. Once the 24-hour time limit is up, they are automatically deleted.


Snap a photo or a video in the same manner you would in case you were going to send it as a message. On the preview, you should notice a square icon with a plus sign positioned at the lowest point of the screen. Selecting that will upload it to your story feed, and if it’s your first time doing so, a pop-up field will display a message asking you to verify it.

The second way to feature a picture or video on your stories is during a chat with a friend (or a group).


Today we will provide you the step by step guide to add Music to your Snapchat story.

So let’s get started.

Step 1: Open music player in your Android or iOS Smartphone. You can play music in any of the music players like your phone music player, Spotify, Ganna, and Many more music applications.

Step 2: Click on a song. Find the song/sound you want to use in your Snapchat story from your playlists or in the music library.

Step 3: Click on the pause button. If your music/sound starts automatically play, quickly pause it so you can control it when it plays in your video.

If you want to play a specific part of the song to play in your video, click on the start of that part while the song is paused.

Step 4: For recording the sound. Open the Snapchat application on your phone. The Snapchat icon and in yellow and white color.

Step 5: Play the sound in the music player and open Snapchat will record the song playing in the background.

Step 6: Tap or hold longer on the “O” icon to record video in the Snapchat camera. When you hold “O” it begins recording the video with your background music.

These guidelines should help you with how to add music to the Snapchat story.


A Snapchat story is a collection of many snaps that play in the order they were uploaded. Your friends can see your story for up to 24 hours.

Steps to create a Snapchat story:

STEP 1: Create a Snap of yours.

STEP 2: Click on a Story on the top of the ‘Send to’ page. 

STEP 3: Then, click on send at the bottom. 

You can add as many stories as you would like.

Watching your Friend’s Story

To view your friend’s uploaded Snapchat story, go and check their Story on top of the Discover Screen. Click on your Friend’s tile with their name at the top of the Discover Section.

After you finish watching your friend’s Story, you’ll see the preview of Story. Click on the screen to see the next Friend’s Story, swipe it to skip, or swipe down to do exit.

Muting a Story

If you want to take a break from someone’s Story? No problem you can just click on Mute.

Steps to mute anyone’s Story

STEP 1: You can swipe right from the Camera screen to go on to your Friends screen.

STEP 2: Click on your friend’s Bitmoji or any Group Bitmoji icon on your Snapchat.

STEP 3: Click on at the top of the screen.

STEP 4: Click on to “Mute Story” to avoid that Story from coming towards the top.

Note: The option to mute is only available for your friend’s Stories, Group Stories, and Popular Stories.


Humans love stories for showing their feelings and their lifestyle daily. Those who have massive followings can also take advantage of their Stories. Snapchat has always been known as a private messaging app, but Stories offer a greater public manner of sharing.

Celebs, brands, and other excessive profiles can share their Snapchat usernames manually or through snapcode so that any stories they post may be viewed by using the hundreds and thousands of customers who decide to add them.

Snapchat is a great app to create stories and share with your friends and watching your friend’s stories as well.


I hope this article helped you with how to add music to Snapchat stories.

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