Add Shortcuts to Apple Watch

The Shortcuts App on the Apple Watch is extremely helpful as it quickly triggers tasks with just a touch. All shortcuts present in your iPhone are compatible with the Apple Watch, so you can create the shortcuts on your iPhone and quickly run them from the Shortcuts App. Also, you can add them to your watch face. And this article explains that how to add shortcuts to Apple Watch.

Before we just jump into creating shortcuts, let us learn about the Shortcuts and the Shortcuts App provided by Apple.

What is a Shortcut?

A shortcut is a convenience that allows you to complete one or more tasks quickly with your apps. You can make your own multiple-step shortcuts using the Apple Shortcuts app. To understand, let us take an example- Create a “Surf Time” shortcut, that pulls up the surf report, provides an ETA to the beach, and opens your surf music collection. It’s cool, right.

When it comes to Shortcuts, you must have heard the terms Actions, Automation, and Shortcut’s Gallery? Let us see what they are-

What is an Action?

An action can be termed as the building block of a shortcut. You may create a shortcut that interacts with apps and content on your iOS or iPad OS device, as well as content and services on the Internet, by combining one or more actions.

What is Automation?

It is a type of shortcut which is triggered by an event and not manually. You can use the Shortcuts app to create a personal or home automation, and then make the automated shortcut triggered by your coming, departure, an iPhone setting, the time of day, and more.

Isn’t it a wow feature?

What is the Shortcut App?

To add shortcuts to Apple Watch, you need to have the Shortcuts App. You may use the Shortcuts app to add ready-made or custom shortcuts to your Apple Watch or iPhone, iPad in addition to the simple shortcuts provided by Siri. The software allows you to create robust task automation by combining numerous stages from different apps. After you’ve added shortcuts from the app Gallery or created your own, you may move on to the next step.

Now the question arrives where you can find the shortcuts?

You can find the shortcuts in the Gallery of your Shortcuts App. You can check out the Gallery if you are seeking new shortcuts to add to your collection or if you want to understand the possible shortcuts and how specific shortcuts are made.

How To Add The Gallery Shortcut To Your Collection

Step 1: Open the Shortcuts App Gallery

Step 2: In the Gallery there, tap a shortcut

Step 3: A description of the shortcut, as well as a preview of its actions, appears.

Step 4: Select (tap) Add Shortcut option to add the shortcut to your collection.

Step 5: Now follow the on-screen instructions. If there would be some additional steps then perform it and then select DONE

Step 6: Your Shortcut would be added to your shortcuts collection

How to Run a Shortcut:

Step 1: Firstly, you need to download the Shortcuts App on Your smartphone (iPhone)

Step 2: Tap on the Shortcut to Run it

Steps to add a shortcut compilation:

Step 1: Tap and hold the Apple Watch’s face (the screen), and then tap EDIT

Step 2: Now, swipe left to the compilation screen and then tap a compilation

Step 3: Next scroll to the Shortcuts, then choose a shortcut from there.

And you are done!

If you are not satisfied with the few and you want to add some more shortcuts to your Apple Watch, you can simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Firstly, download the Shortcuts App on your iPhone (as already mentioned at the start)

Step 2: On your iPhone, open the Shortcuts App

Step 3: Now, tap on the three dots “. . .” option on the top right corner of a particular shortcut

Step 4: Next, again tap on the three dots “. . .” option present in the shortcut screen and turn ON the “Show on Apple Watch” option

Voila! It’s done!

The entire understanding of adding Shortcuts to the Apple Watch may sound a little time-consuming or tricky, but once you perform them yourself, you will be familiar with the steps soon.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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