How to Digitize Your Old Family Photos with Android or iPhone

scan old pictures

We all have photos of our childhood that are very close to our hearts and means a lot to us. These pictures are actually the memories of our past times i.e. vacations, and the old family members that are passed away, family gatherings, long trips and stuff like that. But we cannot deny that in the old times the technology is not so advanced so our pictures usually become translucent.

To scan photos is the best way to keep your pictures safe and sound. Now, the question is how to scan photos. No worries, now you don’t have to pass through a long and lengthy procedure to make your photos digitize. You can have this done by yourself in a few taps on your phone directly.

However, the best way to scan photos is by using a good scanner by doing proper settings. Nowadays, technology has become so advanced that Google itself launched an app called PhotoScan. This application can work for both iOS and android respectively. This application will save your plenty of time and money as well. 

How Does It Work?

scan old pictures

This google app works the same for Android or iOS. Instantly, Download and install the application and the use it for the editing of your old snap.

To scan old pictures:

First of all, it will give a quick overview of how to use this application and what are it’s features. After it finishes the overview, you can get into it by tapping the starting button. 

Before starting with the editing, this application grants the app permission so that it can get access to your camera. It is a necessary requirement in order to scan photos.

By granting access, it will jump directly to the camera folder so that you can choose your picture without facing any trouble. Before getting into the editing, let us have a look at the important pointers. 

As a picture doesn’t look good if it doesn’t have a good lightening effect. With PhotoScan, you don’t need the perfect support where light is good as this application has amazing features. It’s worth nothing but the various environments with proper light. It mainly affects the color of the images and works on the end results. For the visible difference, you can have the before-after comparison of your old snap. 

Get close to the photo so that it stay within the PhotoScan frame. 

Thirdly, you have to be patient and proceeds slowly as “ slow & steady wins the race”. If you get into the haphazard situation then it will disturb your editing and you cannot be able to get your desired results. This application is really easy to use.

You can easily line-up your photos with this outstanding app by just tapping the shutter button. By tapping the button, four dots appeared at the corners of the photos and here you are supposed to wait until the dots scan the picture.

After the dots complete the scanning, it processes the images to the full and removes all the unnecessary crashes of the picture making it up to the mark.

After completing the editing, the picture is automatically saved into the gallery.

Once the picture is completed, it can also be rotated, it’s corners can be adjusted or deleted if you find any kind of mistake in the editing, you can discard the changes at any time until you will be happy with the results.

If you are intended to edit multiple pictures, you have the opportunity to do so very easily. Similarly, you can save all the pictures at once by tapping the “save all” button. For saving the pictures, this application grant the access of your phone storage to save all the pictures to your phone’s gallery. To give access to the application.  You just have to allow the permission. It can also save the pictures on google photos, gallery and photos of your phones. 

All in all, PhotoScan is a very impressive application to scan your old pictures and it’s outcomes are very outstanding. As it ultimately converts your old photos into digital photographs.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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