LG K7 Malfunctioning Motherboard

If you are having a problem with the operation of your LG K7 and are unable to power on it, then there is a problem with the motherboard of your smartphone. Here is a quick rundown on what indications you phone gives to indicate that the motherboard of your LG K7 is malfunctioning.

Some problems that will be experience are random shutdowns, blue screen, burning smell, bloating capacitor, and random restarts. Also, ensure that you don’t fall for other problems that your phone may reveal because the below mentioned problems also show the same symptoms as that of an LG K7 malfunctioning motherboard. Here are the problems:

  • If you find the display light of the screen always lit up, then there is a problem with the screen and not the motherboard.
  • There are times when the battery of your phone may be damaged because of this your phone may suddenly shut down. Make sure to double check the battery and if required replace it. While you are checking the battery also go through the charger. If your battery charger is faulty, then it may cause problems in your phone. Always use an original LG charger.
  • Push the power button of the phone while keeping it close to your ears and try to listen if there is a beep sound. If the sound does come then the sound system of the LG K7 is problematic. You need to get that checked.
  • A damaged electric outlet could also be the cause of the problem. When there is no proper flow in the current the phone will not be charged properly. Try a different outlet to test whether the connection is stable.

Replacing the Motherboard

LG K7 Malfunctioning Motherboard

If you find that none of the problems are responsible for your phone for not powering up, then the problem lies in the motherboard. You need to replace the motherboard of your LG K7. However, this is a complicated process and should not be performed by you. You need to approach your retailer or go to an LG authorized service station for your phone and have a professional handle this issue. They have the necessary experience and tools to open your phone and change the motherboard of your LG K7.


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