How to retrieve deleted text messages on android

Accidentally deleting some important text messages from your smartphone is one of the worst nightmares. But, most of us are unaware of the fact that these accidents can be treated. Retrieving a lost data can be really painful because just like your computer, your mobile phones do not have a trash folder. The data gets deleted temporarily, and you cannot retrieve it until it is overwritten with a new set of data. Although there are multiple software that can help you in restoring your data. But, you may need professional help to restore data sometimes. Here are some of the steps that will answers questions like How to retrieve deleted text messages on android?

Install The Software

The only answer to the question of how to recover deleted text messages on galaxy s5 without a computer is a great recovery software. Most of the pictures or messages deleted over any Samsung device can be easily recovered. Look for reliable and absolutely trustworthy software. You may read software reviews to make sure the software is safe.

Benefits Of Choosing Data Recovery Software

There are certain benefits of choosing a recovery software. These are:

  • You can recover your data absolutely
  • Recover all of the data that has been lost
  • You can even selectively recover your data.
  • Most of the data recovery software supports almost all the Android mobile phones. So, no matter if you have a Samsung Galaxy S5 or any random android device. You can recover any data.

How to retrieve deleted text messages on android

Here is a step by step guide on how to recover deleted text messages on Galaxy S5 for free:

Connecting Devices

The first step right after installing the software over your computer is to connect your devices to the computer. Most of the computers show whether your device is connected or not. Go to the dashboard of the software and choose the option that says connect a device. You can connect your Samsung smartphone and start the recovering process.

Debugging USB

Most of the software require USB debugging. The software itself redirects you to the option. If not, you will be required to do that using your smartphone.

To debug, you can go to your system setting and choose the phone option. You will see an option Builder Name, tapping there for 4-5 times you will be switched to the developers. You will see the option of USB debugging option in the developers’ menu.

Finding Your Data

This is the second last step of the entire process. You are required to search for the file you want to recover. You go through each file particularly or search through various files of similar name. Most of the software has a search box, so searching files becomes easy.


Once you have reviewed and found the file you have been searching for. All you have to do is click on the recover option. It will take a few minutes to recover your file.

This is one of the easiest ways of recovering all the content that has been deleted accidentally.


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