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Discord started its journey as a chat tool five years ago, but it has evolved many ways to replace apps like Skype for chatting and video call with time. These days, one of the coolest features that users are finding easy with Discord is sharing screen on Discord desktop and mobile.

If you are a Discord user, you will be aware of the fact that Discord has never been given the option to share your screen on mobile. However, it has some functionality across its desktop versions. Finally, Discord has added features to share mobile screens on iOS and Android.

You might be excited to use this sharing screen feature. We have added a quick guide to use the share screen on discord desktop and mobile. Keep reading to unearth the steps to share screen on Discord Desktop and Mobile.

How to share screen on Discord Desktop and Mobile

  1. Firstly, to start screen sharing on discord desktop and mobile, initiate a voice or video call with whom you need to share the screen. In the top right corner, you will find the voice and video calls button in the discord app.

Important Note:

You can start calling with a private chat, group, or voice/ video channel of a server.

  1. After you get connected, you will find a new Screen Share button in-call interface. You can get started sharing the screen only by swiping up from the bottom on a voice call, while in video calls, the screen sharing option lies right at the bottom of quick controls.
  1. After tapping the screen sharing button, a prompt confirming that if you want to share your screen will appear. Press start now to get started with screen sharing.
  1. If the screen share gets right, you will see a page saying You’re sharing your screen.
  1. You can switch to other apps you want to share with your friends.

How to join Discord Screen Sharing sessions

As soon as your friend starts sharing their screen on a voice or video call, you will see a button Watch stream. Click on that to join the screen sessions.

Besides, if multiple friends are sharing their screen simultaneously, you can just click on the watch stream button on another friend’s stream.

Which platforms or apps support sharing the screen on discord desktop and mobile?

You can use Discord’s mobile screen sharing on Android and iOS. This feature is supported on Android phones having Lollipop (5.0) and above. However, the audio sharing capability within screen sharing is possible on Android 10 and above devices. But, the feature is not supported on Android 12 now.

If you are trying to share a screen on Netflix and Spotify apps, it is not possible as these apps do not support the feature now.

How to stop sharing screen on Discord Desktop and Mobile

If you want to stop sharing the screen, you have three options to do that. First, switch back to the discord app, secondly tap on stop sharing from the screen share confirmation page, and lastly, you can press the stop streaming button.

If you want to stop screen sharing in a hurry, you can use the notification panel and tap stop streaming on the Discord app to stop sharing the screen.

Important information:

While sharing a screen, remember that the viewers can see anything open on your mobile or desktop. So, before sharing the screen, close the other apps open in the background, and also you can on the Do not disturb button to stop getting notifications from other apps in the middle of sharing screen.

If you cannot find the sharing screen button on your discord app, make sure to update your app from the Play store.

If you have any other information about screen sharing in the Discord app, feel free to comment below.

Stay tuned for more updates on Discord app screen sharing!

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