OnePlus 6 tricks and hacks

OnePlus has always impressed us by its amazing performance and the inclusion of software. And they have maintained the same in the recent inception OnePlus 6 as well. OnePlus 6 is a great device from the company that has come wrapped with several interesting features. But, there are some hidden features as well. And you can get the best out of the device only when you will explore it at the best.

So, we have discussed here some OnePlus 6 hidden features that will help you explore the phone greatly.

OnePlus 6 tricks and hacks

Customize the phone with OxygenOS

OnePlus has brought their latest flagship with OxygenOS which made it easier to customize the interface as you want. You can do a lot of things to make it look completely different. There is an option to change the look of the icon. You can change the button action and display as well. Here is how to do that.

  • To change the icon shape, long press the home screen to get the settings option. Next, tap the icon pack. Here you can select the required shape. It can be either square or round anything. Also, you can tap on More icon option to browse more icon shape from the Google play store.
  • To change the button, go to settings>Button and then adjust the settings for the buttons. It will give you the option to switch the activities between the back button, home button and recent button.
  • To adjust the display, go to Settings > Display > Ambient Display and turn on the ‘Lift up display’ option. It will wake the screen as you lift the phone.

Organize the shelf

Another useful OnePlus 6 hidden feature is that you can organize the shelf your way. You can access the shelf by swiping right at the screen. Shelf is the place where all the widget is available. You can resize, relocate, add or delete the widget here as per your choice.

  • To resize a widget, long press on a widget and then drag the handle at the bottom. Keep doing that till you are not satisfied with the size. Once it is done, just tap the screen to keep that size.
  • To move a widget, just long press on it and then drag it to the desired location.
  • To add a widget, tap on the teal plus icon at the bottom and select the widget from the list available that you want to add to the shelf.
  • To remove a widget, long press on an icon and then tap on the ‘X’ icon.

OnePlus 6 camera tricks

OnePlus 6 tricks and hacks

Camera is one of the main attractions of OnePlus 6. But, in order to make it useful, you should know the OnePlus 6 camera tricks. The tricks are discussed here.

You will get to choose from several modes available in the camera app. All of them come with interesting features to make the images more attractive.

  • Portrait mode: This is a great option on the camera app. What you need to do is tap on the camera pp and then select portrait option. Here you can adjust the depth effect. Also, there is an option to choose if you are taking the photo of a man or an object. This mode again allows you to use the bokeh effect. This effect ensures that you can add stuff like hearts, bubbles and stars in the background.
  • Pro mode: This is another interesting mode and one of the best OnePlus 6 camera tricks. Here you can adjust the aperture, white balance, ISO, shutter speed, etc.

Hide the notch area

If you do not like the notch at all, OnePlus 6 allow you to hide the notch area to activate the compatibility mode. Go to Settings > Display > Notch Display and tap on hide. It will activate the Compatibility mode which does not allow the full-screen apps using the notch area.

Use parallel apps

Dual apps or parallel apps is a new feature in the OnePlus 6 and it is definitely one of the best OnePlus 6 tricks. This allows you to have two accounts of an app. For example, you can have two Facebook accounts, two WhatsApp account and so on in the same phone. But, this feature should be activated first by going to Settings > Apps > Parallel Apps. You will see here a list of the apps. Just toggle the switch for all those you want a dual account.

Activate Quick Search

You can bring the App drawer just by swiping up on the home screen. But, if you want the same gesture to do some more job for you, Quick search should be activated first. Quick search when enabled can open the App search and also triggers the keyboard at the same time. It makes searching for an app much simple. If you want to activate quick search, then open the app drawer first. Tap on the menu icon and activate Quick search option from there.

Use gaming mode

OnePlus 6 is a great device for gaming where you can play any game at best. But, to make the experience even better, it is always best to stay out of any interruption and the gaming mode in this new phone is just perfect for that. By activating the gaming mode, you can choose to route any call via speakers, block notification, and disable the auto brightness and more. To enable gaming mode go to settings>advanced >Gaming mode and turn it on.

Improve the Face unlock feature in low light

Face unlock is way faster in the OnePlus 6. It acts really smarter. But you can improve the accuracy of this feature in low light by activating the assistive light. Here is how to activate that. Go to settings > Security & lock screen > Face Unlock. And then turn the Face unlock in assistive lighting.

Use navigation gestures

There is an option to rearrange the navigation bar. You can do that by going to Settings > Buttons > Navigation Bar And Gestures. Here you can keep the navigation bar at the bottom only by choosing the Fixed navigation bar option. But there is also an option to hide it. This option will hide the navigation bar and it will be shown only when needed.

The navigation bar can be replaced by gestures as well.

  • A swipe up from the middle edge of the bottom will bring Home.
  • Swipe up from the middle and hold to bring recent apps.
  • And swipe from either of the sides to Back

Customize the status bar icons

One of the most useful OnePlus 6 tricks and hacks is that you can manage the status bar icon. There is no battery percentage indicator in the status bar of OnePlus 6 to save some space. However, you can always arrange it your way. Go to settings>Status bar>Icon manager and add the needed icon in the status bar while there is also an option to remove the unnecessary ones.

These are the best OnePlus 6 Tricks and hacks. Apply all these tricks and get the best out of your device.


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