sell your vintage gadgets

Want to buy a new smartphone but stuck with the old one? Why not sell it? Sell your old smartphone and turn it into extra cash for a new electronic gadget. There are various trade-in options that accepts smartwatches, fitness trackers, tablets and smartphones and other electronic gadgets.

To help you with the price of buying a new gadget and selling the old one, here are few places online where you can sell your vintage gadgets in exchange for gadgets or cash. However, while going for trade-in, the price offered is much lesser than what you can get by selling your gadget directly by listing them on OLX, Quikr, Swappa or Craigslist. By listing your gadget on any of these platforms, you can negotiate prices for your gadget and would not have to cope with the hassle of paying for shipping or the fees for some service charge when you sell your gadget. However, here you can find the best places if you want to sell your vintage gadgets online.

sell your vintage gadgets

  1. Amazon Trade-in

Amazon is one of the best places to sell your vintage gadgets. Amazon trade-in quotes you can offer for your vintage gadget but for that, all you need to do is search for an item, then provide details of your gadget, for example, storage, screen size, condition and so on. Once you are done with providing all the details, amazon will quote a price for your gadget based on the details you provided.

Once the gadget is shipped and received by amazon and it matches your description, amazon credits the amount with an Amazon e-gift card for the offer amount within two business days. If the gadget is in better condition than you described, then amazon’s customer service pays you more. There is just one disadvantage of using Amazon trade-in that the money is locked to your Amazon account.

2. Apple Trade-in

Apple offers both online and offline trade-in for your vintage gadgets. Apple trade-in offers a big advantage in that it takes in a wide range of devices and not just it’s own. You can either take the gadget to its store or use Apple’s online service. But, with a big disadvantage come a disadvantage too.

If you are looking forward to buying an Apple product then Apple trade-in is good, because you can’t buy gadgets from other brands with the Apple gift card. Apple currently offers trade-in smartphones, tablets, computers, and watches. However, if it doesn’t trade-in some gadgets, it will ask you to trade-in for free.

3. Best Buy Trade-in

Buy Trade-in will ask you a few questions about your gadget like storage, condition and a lot more, and will quote a price for the gadget. You can either trade-in the gadget which accepts in-store trade-ins or sends the gadget to Best Buy using a prepaid label.

Just like any other trade-in program, Best Buy trade-in program offers Gift cards of the quoted price in return of the gadget. Best Buy accepts a variety of gadgets including smartphones, wearables, cameras, and game consoles.

4. eBay Instant selling

Instant selling asks questions about your gadget and if the gadget is in good condition, it offers to instantly purchase the gadget. In return, eBay offers an Instant voucher for the quoted price for your gadget. But before that, you will be required to ship the gadget to a company that is partnered with eBay who will inspect and verify the gadget as described by you. If they find that the gadget is not as described by you, your eBay payment method will be charged accordingly. There is just one disadvantage of using eBay trade-in that the money is locked to your eBay account. You would have to spend the gift card on eBay.

5. Flipsy

Every single person on this planet would like to know the best value for their gadget. Flipsy doesn’t accept trade-in but is the best place where you can check which service will offer you the best price for your gadget. You can quickly glance over the listing and select the service that offers the best price for your gadget.

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