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It is in recent news that fans are going crazy after the NBA version of the Wordle named Poeltl. Wordle has been quite a massive trend in the recent months. After it’s launch on 26th February 2022 as one public online game, Poeltl Archive has been a representative game for NBA enthusiasts for engaging in competitive gaming in their niche. Provided the pool of players that can be the answer of the day, you can guess just how tough the actual gameplay is. Poeltl Archive for the unversed is a world-like challenge that provides a mystery to the NBA players every 24 hours, and the players have to solve that in only 8 guesses. To play this game, you have to possess accurate and deep knowledge regarding the previous and current teams, conference, height, age, position, and division of the maximum number of players possible. Definitely, the more, the merrier.

However, if you are new to the scene, you probably missed all the fun surrounding the past games. Here, in this article, we will solve all your doubts regarding Poeltl Archive and guide you to play this one. Keep reading!

The Gameplay of Poeltl Archive

Made for NBA lovers, in this game, you need to predict the NBA players by viewing the silhouette of it. You can view the image on the site to predict the player below. After viewing the silhouette of the player, you need to predict the player. You will get eight guesses to predict the player whom you think of after viewing the silhouette. While entering the player’s name, you can see the search list. You have to choose the player from the search result. While choosing the player, it would be verified from the outcome whether it is correct or not. If it is correct, you will be acknowledged as the winner. If you are not right, in case, then you will have the rest of the remaining guesses for predicting the player. This will get repeated until the last guess. When you have reached the last guess, and now if that is not correct, you can see the outcome on the screen. While selecting the player, you can see their details, including their height, ranking, position, age, division, conference, and team.

Ways of playing Old Poeltl Archive games

You must have already figured it out, but we will still be spelling it out to dispel any misunderstanding. Though this is at the peak of popularity, there is no available Poeltl Archive to date if you wish to gain access to every previous Poeltl challenge under one roof. Also, the official page does not host any portal in the past. Provided the condition, you only can turn to manipulate the available sources for playing Poeltl past. Below we have mentioned three ways to do so.

Technique 1: Using Wayback Machine

Although not that complicated to perform, changing system dates can end up feeling onerous when done redundantly when you wish to play several previous games nonstop. You may avoid this drag by turning to the favorite Wayback Machine of the netizens. Wayback machine keeps one archive of around every website on the Internet. Also, you can click on any of the interactive dates on the achieve of the website on the Wayback Machine for playing an older game. Remember that the catch is there isn’t any interactive link available for particular dates to wormhole your way to the game of the day. Definitely, we are aware that the sparsely mottled calendar having ‘blue’ interactive dates isn’t a solution when you wish to play unlimited games. However, it is somewhere to begin right?

Technique 2: Changing the system date on your PC/Computer

Before Wordle received it’s own archive, tampering with the time of the system used to be a famous hack among the players who wished to access the older Wardle grids. Changing the dates manually on your computer to one from the past may be a deceptive but effective way of making your reality appear to be virtually on a past date on the affected computer.

Nevertheless, the process of changing the system date is quite simple. On a Windows computer, for instance, you can change the date through the configuration options of Time& Language in Settings. It is vital to note that while you are setting a date from the past as the ‘current’ system date, it does not predate the Poeltl game itself. After changing the date, while you again visit the game page poeltl.dunk.town, the challenge provided to users will be from the current system date and not the challenge of the present day. On a side note, users may experience some glitches, such as the absence of the Silhouette hint. However, the real gameplay itself is manageable, still using the color hues and statistics. Changing the date on the device can result in issues with some other apps or services.

Technique 3: Changing the system date on your phone

Changing the system date on your phone works exactly the same in principle as changing the date on your computer. It is kind of a way to virtually time travel and avail the loopholes that will let you interact with it as if on the provided date. All you have to do is change the time in your device Settings.

Though there is a little heads up, some tabs or phones do not allow browsing when the system detects that the date or system clock is corrupted. In this situation, this technique won’t go to the game page. Now, if you are attempting to go with a date before Poeltl game Day 1, i.e., 26th February 2022, you will not find any luck either.

That’s all folks. We hope that by now, you must have understood the Poeltl gameplay. Also, we have elaborated on the steps of playing the old Poeltl game. Feel free to ask us your doubts.

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