Word spell check not working

A key feature included in Microsoft Word and other word processing software is the ability to check for spelling errors. You don’t have to worry concerned about making minor grammatical and typographical mistakes when you use spell check since the computer will point them out for you in real-time as you write. However, there are instances when the spell check function in word processors stops functioning for several reasons, most of which are connected to your Settings. There are several ways to fix word spell check not working issue, and we will go through each of those solutions in turn.

Fixes for word spell check not working

Try out the online version of Microsoft Office

As long as you have a subscription to a Microsoft 365 plan, you may use Microsoft Office online to do a fast spell check on the document you are working on. This is really helpful if you are pressed for time. You should ensure that the web app’s spell checking works by uploading the identical Word document to it.

Fix the Application

It’s possible that fixing the app you already have installed on your smartphone would solve your problem. This is how you can go about doing it:

To access the Settings menu, right-click the Start button and then pick the option. Additionally, you can utilize the keyboard shortcut “Windows key + I.”

Navigate to the Apps > Apps & features menu option.

Click the Modify button after selecting the Microsoft Office software.

Select Quick Repair from the menu that is appeared in the pop-up window. If this does not resolve the issue, return to the previous steps and attempt to use the online repair tool.

Check to see whether the spell check is now functioning properly.

Verify That the Settings Are Correct

If the spell check in Word seems to be operating in an erratic manner across all your documents, you should investigate the proofreading exceptions. There is a possibility that the documents you want to edit are on the exception list, which means that Word will not check for misspelled words in those documents.

If this is the case, correcting the issue may be done by following these steps:

Launch the Word document that needs to be edited

Choose Options from the File menu

Choose Proofing from the option that appears in the left pane

Scroll all the way down until you reach the Exceptions section.

Uncheck the box labeled as Hide spelling mistakes in this document only.

Ensure that the Spell Check is turned on when you are typing

You will need to activate this function before Word can do an instantaneous spell check on your document and use the red line to draw your attention to any misspelled words. This is how you can go about doing it:

Open File

To proofread, go to Options > Proofing.

When making corrections to your spelling and grammar in Word, go to.

Mark the box to the right of the phrase Check spelling as you write.

De-select the checkbox next to Ignore words in UPPERCASE when correcting spelling in the Microsoft Office applications part of the menu to ensure that Word performs a comprehensive check for spelling errors in the text you are working on.

Check Language Settings

Even though you could be writing in English, Word might be getting a little bit of a French vibe, and it will check your spelling to see if you’ve used any French terms. This might occur if you inadvertently deleted English from the list or if you changed the language that was being used for proofreading.

To ensure that Word communicates with you in the same manner that you do, follow these steps:

Launch the Options menu by opening the File menu

Choose your language

Click the Set as Favorite button once you have chosen your preferred language

In case your language is not listed, you can add it by clicking the “Add a language” button and choosing it from the list that appears.

Word Add-Ins should be deactivated

It’s possible that an add-in is causing a conflict with Word’s built-in spell checker, or the spell checker itself is malfunctioning. You can determine which add-ins are causing the problem by temporarily disabling all of them and then re-enabling them one by one.

To deactivate the add-ins, follow these steps:

Choose Options from the File menu

Choose Add-ins from the menu on the left-hand side

Make sure that Com Add-ins is selected in the Manage drop-down menu at the bottom of the window, and then click Go….

Deactivating an add-in is as simple as unchecking the box next to it and clicking the Remove button.

Check Document Style Settings

If you configure Word’s Styles in an incorrect manner, they may cause the spell checker to become inaccurate. The following is the procedure for modifying the settings:

To modify the current style, right-click it and pick the Modify option.

Select Format > Language from the menu

Choose the language you speak most well from the list

Check that the box labeled “Do not check spelling or grammar” is unchecked

How to Prevent Your Name From Being Corrected by Word

How many times did Word indicate that there was a spelling mistake in your name? You may correct this by adding your name to the dictionary in Word and directing Word to alert you whenever it detects a misspelling of your name. The following is the process that must be followed to add a new entry to the built-in dictionary of Word:

Write down your name or any other word that Word could consider being an incorrectly spelled word.

After picking out the word, right-click on it.

Click the “Add to dictionary” button.

Final Word

The solutions that we have compiled in this post to fix word spell check not working are compatible with many versions of Microsoft Office. You do not need to be concerned about utilizing an older software version. Even though this is a short remedy, it will significantly increase your productivity and give you more confidence while you work since it will verify the spelling of your paper as you type. You may utilize a third-party program to examine your work if you believe the built-in spell checker is inadequate for your needs.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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