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Here in the Apple HowTo Sub-Category you”ll find solutions here for faulty Apple electronic devices, Mostly smartphones and a variety of others.

iPhone Vs. Samsung

Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPhone X

Samsung and Apple are two major players in the smartphone industry and have long been engaging into a war of who is better with Samsung often delivering the better Android-based options...
Safari keeps crashing on Mac

How to Fix Safari Crashing issue on MacBook

Browsing on Safari is fun, and it happens to be a built-in app in Apple’s Mac range of computers. Apple has always kept it updated with regular upgrades and fixes, but...
how to use Screen Time iOS 12

How to Use Apple Screen Time In iOS 12

The iOS 12 Screen Time feature has been developed to offer to its users the information on how they have been using their iPad and iPhone. From the frequency at which...
Siri Shortcuts iOS 12

How to Create Siri Shortcuts In iOS 12

Shortcuts make our work easier and less time-consuming. With iOS 12 you can have several shortcuts that Siri will open for you – all you need to do is say the...
iPhone XS Max

How Long Does It Take to Fully Charge iPhone XS Max

The iPhone Xs Max is one of the best Apple devices. It is the most awaited phone of 2018 which was released by Apple a few months back. The X's Max...
iPhone Xs Max

Pros And Cons Of iPhone Xs Max

Apple iPhone Xs Max is a plus size version of the insanely popular iPhone Xs. Being an Apple flagship device the phone is great in terms of performance and speed. Apple...
address iPhone XS charging problems

How to Fix iPhone XS Charging Problems

Some iPhone XS users seem to be facing problems while charging their phones. They complained that their phones did not charge when they plugged in their phones to the charging cable...
Apple iPhone Xs Vs OnePlus 6T

Apple iPhone Xs Vs OnePlus 6T – Which Is Better

No doubt OnePlus is trying their best to rule the smartphone market by creating budget-friendly smartphones with amazing features. They are creating best in class mobiles with high end features all...
hidden features of iOS 12

iOS 12 Tips And Tricks

Apple has released the latest version of IOS operating system a few months back known as IOS 12. It is released as a major update with lots of new and advanced...
How to Post 3D Photos on Facebook

How to create and Post 3D Photos on Facebook

The social media giant Facebook introduced a new and interesting feature to their mobile application called 3D photos. It is really a cool feature using which one can capture and share...