to cancel tinder gold subscription

Tinder is a very popular dating app that was launched long back to help out people who are desperately searching for love. And thankfully, this app gained lots of popularity by offering the right service. This is a free app but the premium service is even more helpful to allow you to find loads of match. Tinder Gold and Tinder subscription are the premium services of Tinder that is been used by almost 4.1 million users worldwide. But, the issue is both these services are way bit expensive. And this is what forcing many of the users to cancel their subscription. If you too are planning the same and wondering that how to cancel tinder gold subscription, you have landed at the right page.

This article is all about that. Here we have explained how to unsubscribe from Tinder Gold on your iOS device. So, read on to know the process.

How to cancel Tinder subscription on iOS

Users are finding it really tough to cancel their Tinder Gold subscription on the iOS devices such as iPad, iPod touch or iPhone. As per them, they are deleting the app and did all the possible stuff but they are not able to cancel it anyway. This is to mention here that you can’t cancel the app just by deleting or uninstalling the app. Rather it should be done from the app store. And here is the full process for that.

First, go to the app store from your iOS device.

Next, scroll to the bottom and tap on the head icon at the top right corner.

Tap on the Apple ID then. In order to cancel the subscription, you have to log in to the account from where you made the purchase. So, log into the Apple ID using the details when you will be asked to do so.

Scroll down to the subscription option and tap on the Manage option.

Here you will see Tinder subscription. Just select the Unsubscribe option or else keep the auto-renewal slider to off. That’s it. You have now successfully canceled the Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus subscription.

to cancel tinder gold subscription

Even though you have canceled the Tinder Gold subscription on your iOS device, you will be able to use the premium service until the date for you have paid for. And when that date expires, the premium service will not be renewed anymore. Anyways, you can always go for the subscription again anytime later on.

So, this is how to cancel Tinder subscription on iOS.


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