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Twitch is a United States based video streaming platform. Amazon inc. is the parent company of Twitch, and Amazon launched it in mid-2011. It primarily streams video games and broadcasts Esports on it’s platform. Moreover, users can also broadcast personalized content, music, and live streams.

Why Use Twitch?

The popularity of Twitch is increasing nowadays. It is because of it’s features and advantages which it gives as compared to other live streaming platforms. Here are some reasons for using Twitch to stream your games, songs, and personalized content:

Learning Platform For Viewers

As people use Twitch to stream their content and other people watch them. Twitch is great for learning new things and enhancing your existing skills.

Millions of gamers stream their live gaming skills on Twitch. Their viewers, by seeing the live streaming, can learn from them. It will help them understand the techniques gamers use while playing a game.

If someone is showing any creative or personalized content on Twitch, viewers can get inspiration from it. They can try to do things by themselves. If you are an amateur in any skill, experts and professionals in that particular skill can help you through live streaming to polish your skills.

The chat box of Twitch is beneficial in the process of learning. In pre-recorded videos, asking questions or clearing your doubts is difficult. It takes too much time to get a response from the video maker. But in live streaming, you can get your doubts instantly clear, and you can ask any questions you want to ask.

Helps Streamers

Streamers can use Twitch to promote their business. If any streamer has some professional skills, they can introduce a paid course and teach the skills to those seeking it.

Streamers can also make money from ads shown during their live stream. Moreover, Twitch offers Affiliate and Partner Programs, in which accounts having more than 50 followers can come and earn money through various means.

A Good User Interface

Twitch offers an excellent user interface to it’s users. Twitch divides all the live streams according to their category, such as gaming, food, IT skills, etc. this fascinates viewers to the specific category, and streamers get more viewers hassle free. A proper arrangement does not confuse the users, which is what Twitch offers.

Chat Logs On Twitch

Isn’t it good if you can chat with your viewers or with your friends while streaming a video game? Also, it will be good if, while showing your creative skills on a live stream, you can see healthy reactions and take feedback from your viewers. Twitch offers this feature. While streaming your content on Twitch, you can enable the chat option on Twitch and make full use of it.

Twitch Chat logs are all the records of the chats and the comments done by the viewers while a streamer streamed a live session. The size of the chat log depends upon the number of comments made while streaming a video.

The chat option is displayed in a vertical arrangement while streaming a video.

It entirely depends upon the streamers to check for the chat logs if they want or to ignore them. But checking on the chat logs is a better option than ignoring them. Now, let us see some benefits of checking Twitch chat logs.

How Can Checking Twitch Chat Logs Help You?

1. Moderate Your Viewers

Obviously, if you are streaming your content on Twitch, it is not always like there will be a good audience. Some people might watch your content to spread hate among any community, which is a susceptible topic. These types of people might abuse unnecessarily and behave inhumanely on chats.

Streamers have complete control over such people who spread hate and talk in a discourteous way. This feature helps to keep the group chats healthy and removes any viewers who are unnecessarily interrupting a streamer.

Additionally, Twitch streamers can keep a close eye on their viewers and moderate the chat logs. If someone crosses the barriers of the community guidelines while chatting, they can be moderated by the streamers.

2. Understand Your Viewers

Twitch Chat logs are one of the best features on Twitch, which can help you gain knowledge about your viewers. Understanding the behavior is one of the most important things. Moreover, feedback and comments from your viewers will help you know where you are standing, which things you are good at, and what you need to improve while streaming your content.

Knowing the behavior and interest of your viewers is helpful for streamers to make changes in their content if required. Keeping a close eye on the chat logs will help you with your plans.

For example, if you are a gamer. You might be streaming a game, and your viewers will be enjoying it. You can get an idea about the interest of the viewers from the chat box. Moreover, they might ask you to show some specific skills.

3. Audience Reactions

Many of the times, your viewers will give reactions to your content. From the responses, you will get an idea if your viewers love your content or if they want you to improve the content you are streaming.

Additionally, working on the demands of the majority of the viewers will also help you. Your viewers might want the same concept but differently. You can modify your content. Your viewers will be pleased by your gesture and increase your viewership.

4. Search For Usernames

During a live stream, a steamer can’t remember or write down the name of all of it’s viewers. Checking the twitch chat logs can help the streamer get it’s viewers’ username.

By accessing the chat logs of any previous live stream session, streamers can read the comment of any specific viewer. Moreover, by clicking on the username of the viewer, they can get information about the viewer. But a banned user can still come to the streamer’s live stream with a different username and complete their notorious intention.

How To Check Twitch Chat Logs?

You can check chat logs on Twitch in various ways, such as using third-party applications, using a chat command, or reviewing your VODs.

Now here we will look at how a viewer, streamer, and moderator can check chat logs on Twitch separately.

1. How Can A Viewer Check Twitch Chat Logs?

For users or viewers of a live stream, there is only one way of checking chat logs on Twitch: by reviewing VODs.

The reason behind only one option available for viewers is that there is no genuine need for viewers to check the chat logs. They can do it by knowing the other users’ past reactions and comments on the streaming platform.

Previously, some third-party applications were available on the internet, which stored the chat logs of the live stream. Viewers could access these chat logs if they feel they need them. But, the moderating team on Twitch ordered some of these third-party apps to shut down their operations and services as it violated the streamers’ rights.

2. How Can A Streamer Check Twitch Chat Logs?

As streamers, the individuals for whom checking the chat logs matter the most. They have all options to check chat logs on Twitch.

Using Search Command Option

The search command option helps the streamers to view the comments made in a live session by a specific viewer. Through this option, they can see all the comments made by an individual in the whole chat.

First, click on the username of the viewer.

Here are several options.

From here, you can see the chat history of the viewer, comments made by the moderator on the viewer, and timeouts the viewer received. Moreover, you can check for the bans on the view and analyze them if you want.

Select any option according to your need.

Another way to use this feature is by entering the username of the viewer in this format: “/User username.” this option will directly open their chat history.

By reviewing VODs

This method is the aptest to view the comments made by the viewer, but the moderator removed the comments due to some reasons. But, seeing these comments is another level of struggle, as you have to watch the entire content to read those comments.

It is a straightforward method; all you need to do is open your VODs. Twitch stores VODs for up to 60 days. It can vary up to 2 weeks as it depends upon the status of your account.

 A Chatbot Will Help You

Chatbots on Twitch help in many areas. With chatbots, you can collect the chat data, moderate the content, and filter amongst the complete data.

Nightbot is a widely used chatbot on Twitch. But for using this chatbot, it is necessary that the chatbot should be part of the chat. Moreover, losing the data stored on your VODs will be problematic, and chatbots might not be helpful.

Third-Party Applications

Third-party applications are beneficial as they store the chat data, which you can access offline. Third-party applications create an external file, which you can access easily without any problem.

Chatty is a prominent third party application to check twitch chat logs. To use this application, you need to create an account on it. Then you have to provide all the details it demands related to your twitch account. It’s user interface is beneficial, and the application works well.

3. How Can A Moderator Check Twitch Chat Logs?

Moderators can use chat commands or view VODs to check twitch chat logs. A moderator’s job is to view the logs and take necessary actions if required. But Twitch restrains the moderator’s access to logs up to a specific limit.

Twitch has a feature named “Moderator View (Mod View).” Moderators can access this feature to check chat logs on the twitch app. This is what you need to do to access this feature:

First, enter the mod view. You will find a sword-shaped icon at the bottom of your screen. Click it, and you will have access to Mod View.

A list of all the usernames will appear on the screen. Now click on any username, and you will see an option “moderate.” click on it.

After doing this, you can see the chat history of that specific user. From here, you can also remove any abusive or inappropriate comments, according to the video.

Moreover, if the comments made by the user are very sensitive and violate the community guidelines of Twitch, you can ban them.


A chat box in any application is one of the most critical features, and the users widely use it to give feedback, ask queries, and clear their confusion. For live streaming platforms, chat boxes play a vital role in instantly solving all the questions of the viewers. As the chat box is essential, the previous chats or the chat logs are equally important.

We have explained in this article that how moderators, viewers, and streams can check chat logs on Twitch. Chat logs are essential for the streamers as they can gain insight. Chat logs help the streamers to make amendments to their existing streaming content. The feedback and reactions help the streamers a lot.

For viewers, it is essential to note that commenting or abusing in a chat session is awful. This can create problems for themselves. In many cases, it can result in the temporary suspension of the account. If the issue is more, their account can be banned. So they would use the chat box in a good way.

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