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League of Legends is one of the most popular games on the gaming market. By warding in League of the Legends, players can place wards within a map and get almost every information about enemies’ locations and strategies. It is probably the best thing players can get access to. If you know what your enemies are up to, you can create strategies accordingly and win the war against your enemies. Through warding, you can completely change the game and drag it into your court by challenging the opponents and countering the moves of your enemies. We can consider it as the MasterCard of the game. Now, you don’t have to get surprised and get in any hostile situation in the game, as you will be able to anticipate the moves of your enemies.

However, if you are still confused about how to use various warding techniques in the game or how you can apply them to see the map of your enemies completely to win fights, attack your enemies first, avoid the attacks and eventually win the game, here is how you can do that. Here, we will discuss everything about warding that you need to know to win the game.

What Are Wards?

In simple words, wards are the items that you can buy at shops during the gameplay. But, it is not any regular item as it is a very special item you can use to change the game and win it. You’ll get them once you level up in the game and defeat the enemy team and the bot. Once you buy the wards, you can easily place them into war to eliminate any kind of mysteries and to see the area on the map prominently. You have to create your strategy here, and if you succeed in placing the right ward at the right time, it can lead you to victory.

There are several wards and locations in the game where you can make each work more efficiently than others. Before moving forward, let’s know more about the wards.

Stealth Ward

If you can place these wards, they will turn invisible to enemies. Like anything else in the gameplay, it also has a drawback: they are detectable by control wards and sweeper drones. Each player in the game can place a total of 3 stealth wards. If someone mistakenly places the fourth ward, the first one will be automatically removed.

Special points

  • It comes with a cast range of 600 and lasts for 150 seconds
  • Regardless of any attack, these wards come with three hit points
  • The health of the wards does not get regenerated and it grants gold to the killer

Totem Ward

If you are at the early stage in the game, this yellow ward can be the best defensive option you can rely on. Using it within the area of your map, it will give you a lot of information about your enemy’s encounter so that you can plan your strategy accordingly.

Special points

  • The limit of placing three wards is even with stealth wards
  • This ward lasts for 90-120 seconds based on your level, and also it can grant the sight for 900 units
  • The ward also comes with three hit points, and its working process is the same as the stealth ward

Control Ward

It can be a nice ward if you are willing to attack your enemy. This ward can disable other wards. Remember, the control ward is an exception here.

Special points

  • Players can only buy control wards after they reach level 9
  • Each player can place only one control ward at a time. Remember, if you mistakenly place the second ward, the first one will be automatically removed.
  • This ward grants sight to the surrounding 900 units. It has no certain time limit as it will be there unless the enemy destroys it.

Farsight ward or Blue trinkets

It is one of those wards you can use to counter your enemies with well-planned strategies. It comes with a much smaller vision radius of 500 units, whereas others have around 900 units. One thing that it has more than others is that it can be placed up to 4000 units away. It can reveal the enemies for 5 seconds. You can change your gameplay by using this ward.

Special points

  • It can reveal an area of up to 4000 units away for 2 seconds (148 -99 second cooldown).
  • It can expose enemy champion hits for 5 seconds, but remember that these do not affect stealth champions.
  • It has to be destroyed by enemies just like control wards.
  • It comes with only one hit point

Zombie Ward

This ward is also for war as it can destroy enemy wards near the allied wards. You can get a zombie ward in your trinket slot.

Special points

  • This ward lasts for 120 seconds
  • Players are allowed to put three additional wards along with the trinkets ward

How can a player get better at warding?

To get better at warding, you will need to know about different kinds of wards in the gameplay, along with their specialties. You’ll need to know how each of them works and where you can place them to win the game. You can improve warding if you have enough knowledge about how to use them.

If you can efficiently place the right one at the right time, it can help you to win the game, and that’s why you have to understand where you need to place them so that they can give you the most beneficial results to defeat your enemies.

Proper Ward Placement

Remember, the wards change colours depending on the type of area you place them in. So, while placing a ward, if you notice that your cursor changes into white, you can be sure that it is ground or river. On the other hand, if it gets changed into red, it is terrain or wall. If you put the cursor in the grass, it will change to green. Here we have mentioned some other important points about warding below.

How to ward through walls?

Warding through the walls can be tricky sometimes. Here are the places mentioned below where you can ward through walls:

  • It can be the middle of the two openings at the turret lane
  • When you can feel that the enemy jungle is nothing but a bot
  • When you can see the walls above the river lane

Tip: Aim at the bottom of the wall and place the ward just after the cursor turns red.

Some tips to place the wards and get benefits

  • Make sure to place the control ward where they can be potentially defended
  • Ensure not to put your control ward in the middle of the tri bush. If you do so, your enemies can easily remove it. Please place it close to the lane area.
  • Make sure to keep your stealth ward safe from the control ward
  • You can place a stealth ward at the bottom edge of the tri bush to see your enemies hiding for a drive.

How to use visions effectively

You will be able to see three types of visions on the map. If you notice carefully, you can see that the map is something like a football field where the ground is divided into two by using a line halfway. You can’t run straight to the enemy’s base as there is the fog of war. So, you will never know how much strong opponents you have as your enemies and what their exact location is if you do not use warding properly. Let’s discuss the three types of visions in the game:

Defensive Vision

This is the first vision we will talk about. It can effectively cover the area and everything that falls under your side of the river. It is that site where you have put your stealth ward in jungles to know about the movements of your enemies. It is advised to have vision lines to track the movements of your enemies.

Neutral Vision

You will be able to find the river on the map. Neutral vision is the location near the river and everything around it. Most actions in the gameplay happen on this map area within your turrets. If you can successfully place your wards fighting in the battle, you can view the neutral vision and have some benefits from it. It will help you engage your enemies with caution and prevent you from getting ambushed.

Offensive Vision

It is the area across the river in the game. If you want to win, you can move one step at a time. Before you go to this vision, ensure a neutral vision. You may get pushed back; without neutral vision, you cannot come back.

Make sure to constantly check the overall map to know what your enemies are up to.

Some points that can help you to win the game by using these wards

  • Buy control wards as Soon as Possible

Once you reach the 9th level, don’t waste your time playing further without the control ward, especially if you are considering playing offensive. Remember, the enemy team mostly uses a stealth ward as a defense, and you will need to destroy the base. The enemy team has the most vision near their turret. Only a control ward can effectively deactivate those stealth wards so that you can do your job.

  •  Don’t forget to move the control wand

Remember that your enemies can detect your control wards. So, you will be more prone to reveal your strategies whenever you place that one. Make sure to move the control as soon as the area is clear.

  • Not only support players, but every player should use the wards

Every player in the game needs to buy and use these wards and create their strategies to place them. Support players cannot make the team win independently if other players do not know about the vision areas. If more players have wards, the team will get more vision and, eventually, more information. Information is the key to winning the game.

  • Change your vision as you level up

Try not to get stuck in a defensive or neutral vision by getting pushed back. If you get pushed back often, you need to switch from stealth wards to control wards and destroy the turrets of your enemies before playing offensive.

You can also play defensive first and move one step at a time. Make sure not to play offensive without taking care of your defense.

Ending words

That’s it, guys. Here we have mentioned everything about the wards in the League of Legends. Hope this guide has helped you and you have successfully understood how you can make your strategies and use wards to beat your enemies and win the game.

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