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If you are the owner of an Apple Watch, you must have spent time customizing your watch faces. With Apple, you can make your watch look just as you like by adjusting its colors, or by selecting the best backgrounds of your choice, and even choosing complications. You can even share your personalized watch faces with your friends with watchOS7. Sharing watch faces with your friends can be fun because you can impress your friends with your creativity. In this article, we will explain how to share Apple Watch Faces with someone.

How to Share Apple Watch Faces?

You can share Apple watch faces in simple ways by following the below steps.

Create the face that you would love to share on your Apple Watch

Hold the Display button and click on the Share button

Click on the Add Contact button and select the person from the list of recipients with whom you want to share the Watch face. The buttons on the top of the screen can also be used to search for the contact by using your voice, browsing all the contacts on your Apple Watch, or simply by typing the contact number.

Select the particular watch’s name and specify every complication if you want to include the particular complication with or without the data.

You can even exclude a specific complication while sharing the watch face.

When finished, click on Done

If you want to add a note for the recipient, click on Create Message. There are even default messages stored in the Apple watch, or you can even add a message with the option of voice dictation, or using an emoji and even Scribble. You can do this using the buttons provided on top of the screen.

Click on Done

Click Send

To send the watch face to a friend, ensure that you both have an Apple Watch of Series 3 or even Apple SE that uses watchOS7.

 How to Share Apple Watch Faces Using an iPhone?

  • Using your iPhone open the Watch app.
  • In the My Watch tab or the face gallery tab, select the watch face you wish to send to someone.
  • Click on the Share button
  • Select the process of how you want to share the Watch Face.
  • This can send by using messages, airdrop, email, or by using a third-party app.

How to Share Apple Watch Faces Online?

Watch faces can also be shared through a website, using social media accounts, or a blog. With the below-given steps, you can email the watch face to yourself and upload the file and share the link.

Using your iPhone, open the watch app, select the watch face you wish to share.

Click on the Share button and select Mail

By this process, the watch face will be emailed to yourself.

Once you receive the message, open the email, and you will find an attachment that ends with “. watchface” that is given at the bottom of the email message.

Select and hold the watchface file and click on the Share button

Select Save to Files, type the location and click on Save

In the Files app, you will find the watch face file that you have saved, select the watchface file and hold it till you find the Share option

Tap on Add People

Click on the Share options and select the recipient by clicking on Anyone with the link if you want the recipient to download the watch face

To go back, click on the left arrow. On the sharing app icons, swipe towards the left and select Copy Link

With the selected link, you can share the watch face online with anyone.

Another method, you can upload the watchface file to the webserver, and by using the third-party app, you can share the link.

Note that not all Apple Watch can use every available face. Any watch face that is added from a different source will still be available on the pre-installed styles available from Apple. This is a useful capability of Apple Watch to share personalized cool apple watch faces with your friends.

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