turn punch hole camera notch into battery indicator

During this ongoing sale season on Amazon & Flipkart, Samsung Galaxy S20, One Plus Nord, One plus 8 and Poco M2 Pro are best on selling. The most popular thing among these three smartphones that there is a punch hole in front of the display. The One Plus Nord has 2 Punch holes in front of Screen which is at the top right corner of the smartphone. Rest has one punch hole at the middle of the screen. If you don’t want to see that punch hole in the middle of the screen, you can set the battery indicator or some creative wallpapers on your screen in order to hide them, yes, this is also possible. In this article we will show How to turn punch hole camera notch into battery indicator on your Phone.

An intelligent application developer introduces an application which gives users the opportunity to place the battery indicator onto the punch hole place. This application works best for newly arrived Samsung Galaxy Note 20, One Plus Phones, which have two punch holes in it. This application is a very useful application as it allows its users to adjust the configuration of battery by its colors, directions, textures and animations. When the application switches to the full-screen mode, it automatically vanishes the battery indicator. So if you want to watch Netflix or play PUBG mobile, the battery indicator or energy ring of the application will not bother you. 

How To Get Energy Ring On Your Phone

Energy ring is a very amazing application which holds a configurable ring around your phone and you can adjust this ring wherever you want on your notch phones. It allows its user to see their battery percentages immediately. Some energy rings are able to change their thickness and the addition of entertaining animations when a charger plugs in.

To get this outstanding feature into your device, Download the energy application from the play store. There are a number of different versions of this application in the play store which work for different phones. For OnePlus Nord and Realme and Poco phones, you can install the general version. On the contrary, for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, you can download the premium quality.

Turn Punch-Hole Camera Notch into a battery indicator on your Smartphone

Once you are done with the downloading and installation of the application, you need to accept permissions on your phone. This can be done by tapping the button you see on the top right corner pf your phone. As you tap on this button, a new page will open in front of you. It is basically the permission page. By tapping on this page you will get into the accessibility settings. Here you have to choose the OK button in order to give access to your phone to use this application. After completing this process, you will be supposed to get back to the main page to complete the rest of the settings. Now you have to place the battery indicator sign in place of your front camera

Customization of the Application According to your taste

In the last step, you need to open up all the settings and play with the given options to customize the energy ring of your choice. This energy ring provides you with the opportunity to change the color, animation, viscosity (thickness) of the ring as per your choice. 

About Energy Ring App

The developer claimed that this ring doesn’t consume mobile’s battery. It doesn’t put any load on CPU and this ring will only get activated when there is any change in the battery.  This application consumes several months in processing and upon testing it shows very positive and satisfying results. This application benefits a number of its users gained very positive feedback. 

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