FaceBook on Apple Watch 3

Facebook is the most popular social media platform without which we cannot think even a single day. And thankfully, every device including smartphone, laptop, and tablet allows you to log into Facebook hassle-free. But, have ever thought of Apple Watch, the small wearable device in the wrist?

Earlier it was that LittleBook app that allowed Apple Watch users using FaceBook in the wrist. But, no need of having any more app. Rather Apple has made this process easier by updating the WatchOS 5. They have embedded an engine called WebKit into Safari web browser and this has made everything easier. However, it is important to mention that WatchOS 5 is not compatible with the original Apple Watch rather it is compatible with the Apple Watch Series 1, 2, 3 and 4. So, if you are wondering how to use FaceBook on Apple Watch 3 or 4, this article will help you definitely.

The process is very simple. Keep reading to know the process.

Steps to use Facebook on Apple Watch 3 and others

FaceBook on Apple Watch 3

Apple has not included any Safari browser in the Apple Watch, but it is just the webkit which will allow you to open a web page in the watch. Remember that you can enjoy most of the Facebook contents there, but Youtube and other videos will not open in the Apple Watch. Follow the below steps to use Facebook on Apple Watch 3 and you will be good to go.

First, send yourself an email message with https://www.facebook.com in the mail body.

This mail should be sent to an account that you have set up for the Mail program on your iPhone. This will ensure that the message can be read to the Apple Watch as well.

Next go to your Apple Watch, open the Mail app and go towards the inbox of the mail client.

Open the inbox then and swipe down the screen to allow new messages to download.

When the email is appeared on the Apple Watch screen, tap on the Facebook link. It will open immediately and you need to provide the id and password. The login credential will be required just once. Now, start using it on your Apple Watch.

The good thing is Facebook will format itself according to the Apple Watch screen so that you can enjoy everything smoothly.


You can also send a text message to yourself with the Facebook link rather than the email message. But, there are some benefits of the email messages. For example, email message allows you to flag the message and it will appear on the Flag inbox.  And thankfully, flagged messages appeared as an additional email messages under Gmail, Yahoo and all other inboxes. So, it will become very simple to find out the email message in the flagged inbox. So, this is how you can use Facebook on Apple Watch Series 4 and others.


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