Are you planning to root the Motorola Moto E6? If yes, then this guide is for you. Here we will be sharing some easy methods to root the Motorola Moto E6 using Magisk without TWRP recovery and with TWRP. If your system doesn’t support TWRP then you can just go through the method where we discuss rooting Motorola Moto E6 without TWRP recovery. Let’s read on further.

The Motorola Moto E6 Play is another low-cost smartphone from Motorola, a Lenovo company. It comes with a good battery, an HD+ display, a nice design preview, and more. It was launched in November 2019 and offers a plastic body, dual Nano-SIM support, a quad-core processor, and more. This device is expected to stand out and compete with other low-cost models such as Xiaomi, Realme, Nokia, etc.

How to root the Motorola Moto E6?

Magisk is a very advanced way to root Android without a system. This means that Magisk roots android without changing or modifying the system partition. As a result, you can get OTA updates, and run apps that claim to pass Google’s SafetyNet tests.

Unlike other methods, it takes a lot of effort to install OTA updates, but with Magisk you can easily get updates without any hassle. Also, the best part of this method is that you can install Magisk on almost all Android devices running Android 4.2 to Android 11 (latest). This is why we use Magisk to root Motorola Moto E6 over other rooting methods.

Method 1: Root Motorola Moto E6 using TWRP Recovery 

Step 1: Download the latest Magisk Zip file on your Motorola Moto E6 device. Follow the link provided below to download the Latest Magisk Zip file for Android device.

Download Magisk Manager Latest Version 25.2 For Android 2022

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Step 2: Move the downloaded zip file to your phone’s external storage.

Step 3: Now restart your Motorola Moto E6 in TWRP recovery mode.

Step 4: Turn off your phone.

Step 5: Press and hold the volume down key and power key at the same time to enter recovery mode.

Step 6: Alternatively, you can also use the ADB command to boot into recovery mode.

Step 7: Connect your Motorola Moto E6 to your PC/Laptop.

Step 8: Open a command prompt on your PC and type the following command.

– recovery restart adb

Step 9: This will boot your Motorola Moto E6 in recovery mode. 

Step 10: On the main TWRP screen, tap Settings.

Step 11: Locate the Magisk installer zip file and select it.

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Step 12: Finally, drag the slider at the bottom of the screen to flash the file and install Magisk on your Motorola Moto E6 phone. 

Step 13: When the flashing is complete, tap Reboot System.

Step 14: Now open the Magisk Manager app and check if you see any green ticks on the app screen. If you don’t see the app, you need to install it.

After successfully applying the above steps, your Motorola Moto E6 device should get root access without any problem.

Method 2: Root Motorola Moto E6 without TWRP recovery

Step 1: First, download Stock Firmware for Motorola Moto E6. To download the Stock Firmware, follow the link provided below.

Step 2: Extract the downloaded Stock Firmware zip file.

Step 3: Move the boot image file to the phone’s internal storage.

Step 4: Download the latest Magisk Manager version on your phone and install it. Follow the link provided below to download the Latest magisk Manager Version for your Android device.

Download Magisk Manager Latest Version 25.2 For Android 2022

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Step 5: Open the app from the app drawer. Tap Install and tap Install again.

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Step 6: Next, tap on the Choose and edit files option.

Step 7: Locate the boot image file (e.g. boot.img) and select it.

Step 8: Magisk Manager will patch the boot image file with the latest Magisk version.

Step 9: Once done, the patched boot image (magisk_patched.img) will be saved in the download folder of your Motorola Moto E6 smartphone.

Step 10: Now copy the last patched file to the platform-tools folder on your PC.

Step 11: Boot Motorola Moto E6 in Bootloader/Fastboot mode.

Step 11.1: Turn off your device.

Step 11.2: Press and hold the volume up and power keys at the same time to enter fastboot mode.

Step 12: On your Windows PC, navigate to the platform-tools folder and type cmd in the address bar.

Step 13: The command window will open. On the command screen, type the following fastboot commands and press Enter. Enter the command below to check if your phone is properly connected to your PC.

– fast boot device

Step 14:  Now enter the command below to flash the patched boot image file and install Magisk Root on Motorola Moto E6.

– boot flash fastboot magisk_patched.img

Step 15: After finishing! Finally, reboot your device by running the command below.

– fast reboot

Congratulations! You have successfully rooted your Motorola Moto E6 using Magisk. If you don’t see Magisk Manager on your Motorola Moto E6 phone, you need to install the APK manually.

How to check if your Motorola Moto E6 is successfully rooted?

Step 1: Download the Magisk Manager app (if you haven’t already).

Step 2: Open the Magisk Manager app.

Step 3: If you see all the options with a Green Checkmark, it means your phone has successfully obtained root privileges.

Wrapping Up

So here is the complete guide on how to root the Motorola Moto E6 smartphone. I have tried my best to list everything for you. If this guide helped and taught you How to root Motorola Moto E6, then let us know in the comments section below.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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