Google play store won’t open

How often do we come across error messages when your Google play store won’t open? It may keep showing the message ‘unfortunately, Google Play Store has stopped’, or you can’t download apps from the play store, or it just won’t open. Whatever the problem is, you do not have to be a technical expert to troubleshoot errors. Here are some basic steps that you can follow to fix it.

Fixes for Google Play Store error

Check The Internet Connectivity

First and foremost, check your internet connectivity and make sure you have a decent wi-fi connection or a mobile data pack.

Reboot your phone

Rebooting seems like a common solution for every problem encountered in your device. Give restarting a try.

Clear Cache data

Cache data slows down your phone at times, you may encounter lagging issues and clearing your cache may solve the problem. To clear cache data follow the steps below:

Go to settings >apps and notifications > Google play > hit on clear cache and clear data options to reset Google play.

Google play store won’t open

Date And Time

Wrong date and time may cause the google play to crash. To check that

Go to settings > date and time> then select “automatic date and time” to get it right or if it is already selected, deselect it and set the date and time manually and then give Google play a try.

Your google account needs to be properly associated with the play store

Settings > Accounts > select Google and hit on your Gmail account > valve on the three dots and select remove account > go back to the play store and type in the credentials again. This should work.

Airplane Mode

Turn airplane mode on and then off. It just might work.

Update Google Play

Make sure your phone has the latest version of google play. To check that

Go to settings > security > device administration > you will see the android device manager option, disable it. Now go back to settings > apps > Google play > select the uninstall updates option. After that, open any app that uses google play services, and it will ask you to install the latest version of google play. Do it, your problem might be solved.

Check Apps

Check which of your apps are disabled as some apps should be enabled for google play to function properly. To do that

Go to settings > apps > start your search from the bottom as the disabled apps go down in the list. Enable them and give Google play another try.

disable your VPN

Try disabling your VPN. It is a service through which you get content that is not accessible in your country. To do that

Go to Settings > networks > more > VPN and turn it off

Hard reset

Still no luck? Hard resetting your phone is your last resort. To do that

Go to settings > backup and reset > factory data reset. Make sure you backup all your data because this will completely reset your phone.


These were a few methods if you can’t download apps from play store or if your Google Play Store keeps stopping.


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