Borderlands 3 Vault Cards

Remember the very first time touching down on Pandora? The imminent threat of a horrible death, the jagged landscape, the sweltering desert air? Now be prepared to relieve these memories with Vault Cards. With the release of the Director’s Cut, quite a few things have been added to BL3 by Gearbox. These include new missions to complete, a challenging raid box, and a bunch of several challenges named Vault cards. The vault cards pack more interactive, new challenges, and lots of additional awards. When you gather enough experience points, you can unlock unique exclusive gear and cosmetics. In this guide, we have discussed everything you need to know about Borderlands 3 Vault Cards.

Borderlands 3 Vault Cards

The Vault cards have various challenges that the players can complete to earn various rewards. The challenges rotate both weekly and daily- 1 weekly and 3 daily. They can be everything from defeating enemies to completing missions. To view the available Vault cards in Borderlands, you need to open up the available Echo Menu to check the last tab available on the right.

In the all-new BL3 add-on, there are 3 vault cards, each providing one unique gameplay opportunity. This enables you to avail extra XP and loot. You have various challenges to take up when active and to earn XP and rewards.

When there are multiple vault cards, you get a choice to choose among many. You can have access, and you can activate a vault card from the echo menu. A new progression bar will appear just below the regular XP bar when activating any particular vault card.

This Vault Card Progression Bar will fill when you take up and finish the challenges. The challenges shuffle weekly and daily. You gain XP when you complete the provided challenges. These additional XPs reflect on your normal as well as vault card progression bars, and then fill that up. The Director’s Cut of Borderland 3 Vault Cards contains 3 Vault Cards, Behind the Scenes Content, Ava’s Murder Mysteries and a new Raid Boss.

After completion of the challenges, the players are rewarded with a chest containing Diamond Keys, Eridium, and Season pass keys. These are used for:-

  • Eridium: Used to buy anointed weapons and cosmetics, among the other in-game uses
  • Diamond Keys: Needed to unlock the Diamond Chest on the Sanctuary III
  • Season Pass-Keys: Required to unlock the loot in Season Pass

There is no limit on the number of chests players can unlock. Since there are various desirable items available with the Season Pass, it is a great idea to knock a good number of the Vault Card challenges to get a decent number of Diamond Keys and Season Pass-Keys in the game. Keep in mind that the Vault cards are rotated out weekly and daily, so try to finish them before the next ones to get the maximum out of them.

Vault Card 1- The fallen heroes: the 1st Vault card has been themed around fallen heroes in the Borderlands Universe.

Next, Vault Card 2: Welcome to Pandora: The 2nd Vault card has been themed around your favorite wannabee vault hunters.

Finally, Vault card 3- The Bunker Masters: The 3rd vault card has been themed around Bunkers and Badasses and the upcoming Wonderlands of Tiny Tina.

Borderland 3 Vault Cards Challenges

For you to complete, there are more than 100 different challenges. The daily challenges are quite easy to complete, whereas the weekly ones are really challenging. Below we have mentioned some examples of the challenges.

Daily challenges

  • Complete Slaughter Star 3000
  • With a vehicle, kill 30 enemies
  • Kill a particular named enemy

Weekly Challenges

  • Kill 5 raid Bosses
  • With a particular type of elemental damage, kill 300 enemies

After completing daily challenges, each of you will be rewarded with 50 Eridium. After completing the weekly challenges, you will be rewarded with 1100 Eridium. Completing all the challenges in one week, up to 2250 Eridium will be added.

You can find these Vault Cards in your menu, as they can get a dedicated cab. You will have one vault card at one time. There are no limits on the vault cards, so you need not worry about missing anything.

Your daily challenges will reset every day at 9.00 AM PT and the weekly challenges every Thursday at 9:00 AM PT.

Borderlands 3 Vault Cards Rewards

Suppose you have been playing hard and you are on a spree of taking up many challenges. But how can you avail the rewards promised by these vault cards? Do you remember that vaulted card progression bar? Every time it fills up, you get a reward with one Vault Card Chest. The chests contain everything from super rare, exceptionally lucky diamond keys, cosmetics items, Eridium, and vault card keys.

To unlock additional legendary heirs and cosmetics from the mentioned vault card chest, you may use the vault card keys. In the meantime, Eridium can buy you additional weapons and cosmetics, while diamond keys can potentially unlock Sanctuary III diamond chests.

The key benefit of leveling up one vault card is that there isn’t any limit on it. You will be able to gain as many chests as you wish. You just need to complete the challenges. As there are several unique rewards, it is always a great idea to gather as many vault keys and Eridium as possible. Also, there is a possibility that you will be able to rake in the most sought-after diamond keys.

When you have activated one of these vault cards and you have earned yourself some XP, some rewards are waiting for you.

  • 62% Diamond Key
  • 90 % 3 vault card keys
  • 81% 1 vault card key
  • 90% Eridium
  • 76% one cosmetic item from the vault card
  • 49% Gear from weekly loot pool that is same as the Black market of Maurica

As cosmetic items can be collected once only, vault cards have built-in duplicate protection- when you have got a cosmetic item that you already have, you will instead have a Vault card key.

Vault card Keys

The Vault card keys will let you unlock the cosmetics and Legendary gear from these associated vault cards. The gear scales the current level of your character, and you will be able to preview the total collection of the loot through your Echo device. You will be able to unlock these items in any order you wish so that you can get the product preferred by you.

Diamond Keys

You might be familiar with the Golden Keys, which opens up the Golden Chest near the Marcus Munitions on the Sanctuary 3. Nevertheless, Diamond keys take this premise of the upcoming level, as with these keys, you can open up one room filled with loot. You are advised to go to the bridge on Sanctuary 2. At the ship’s nose, you can locate stairs that will take you to the lower level of the bridge. Here, you can find the Diamond Armory. You can use your Diamond Key to open up one special loot room.

When you are inside, you can find the walls that are filled with gear. You can only pick up 1 weapon, 1 Grenade, and 1 shield. You have to be quick about it as a timer ticks down, and you can get one random product from the wall when it runs out. Now, if you have selected your 3 items, your Diamond Loot at the center of this room will be powered up and will provide you with one random legendary weapon.

So, that is all we have in our guide about Borderlands 3 Vault Cards. For further help on this game, feel free to ask us.

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