enable ART in HTC One 8

What Is ART

ART stands for the new “Runtime”. Before ART on Android 4.4 KitKat, every android since version 1.0 used to run on Dalvik. Android’s runtime is basically the system that the device could read in order to run the apps smoother and faster. ART is still under developing stages, and Google doesn’t want the normal users to shift to it right away as it may lead to some apps crashing.

What will change

Your apps will launch faster and also your phone will use less power. So it will result in lesser delays and longer battery life for your phone.

Should you do it

It’s not very important to enable ART in HTC One 8 as the changes will be noticeable but they won’t be something very extraordinary and won’t make a very big difference, but only minor changes. Everything else would run the same way it used to.

How to activate ART in HTC One M8

To enable ART on the HTC One 8 all you have to do is to follow the instructions below: 

Step 1

Open Settings. Go to About > Software information > More. After this search for the    option, “build number” and keep tapping on it until you get a message, “Congratulations, now you are a developer!”

enable ART in HTC One 8

Step 2

After this, a new option will appear on your screen, “Developer options” right above the “About” button in the settings. Click on it.

Step 3

An option will be there, “Select Runtime”. Click on it, and you will get a pop-up saying:  “Use ART”. Simply click on it, and your phone will restart. After it’s rebooted, your phone will start running on the latest android runtime. There are still some apps that do not support runtime and a few which have been given the option with an update, so make sure your apps are completely updated before you turn on this feature.


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