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macOS Monterey offers an interesting feature to its users, Quick Note. The feature allows you to write down something you think is worth remembering/saving for future reference. Users don’t have to open the Notes application specifically to jot down something. Since Quick Note is a part of Apple’s Notes application, once you have written down something in the Quick Note is synced and accessible in the Note application too. Quick Note can be accessed anywhere, irrespective of any application open on your system, and both types of views – full screen and split view. Tags, links, and highlights can be added too (in supported applications only). Remember, you must have macOS Monterey installed if you want to use Quick Note in MacOS. There are different ways to open and use Quick Note. Here is how:

How to use Quick Note Keyboard Shortcuts in MacOS

Pressing the function key along with the Q key allows you to open Quick Note – Fn + Q.

Pressing the Globe key + Q key present on your keyboard also opens Quick Note for the user.

Hot Corners to Open Quick Note

Hot Corners are a feature that allows Apple users to access certain features or functions from the corners of their device – in this case, macOS. Here is how to access Quick Note from Hot Corners of your macOS:

You must set up a Hot Corner to be able to use Quick Note. Here is how to set it up:

Click on the Apple icon located at the top left of your screen

From the options, select System Preferences

In the System Preferences window, click on Mission Control

On the Mission Control page, you will find the Hot Corners tab displayed right at the bottom left corner – click on it

When you click on the Hot Corners tab, the screen page displays all four corners of the screen of your macOS. Click on the desired corner you want to have Quick Note – say, for example, you want to access Quick Notes from the bottom right-hand side corner of your macOS. Click on the respective drop-down of the tab and select Quick Note

Next, click on OK to confirm your selection

Exit the screen. You now have Quick Note in one of the Hot Corners on your screen.

Access the Quick Note from Hot Corner

Drag your mouse to the bottom right side of your macOS screen. You will find a small white box here.

As you drag your mouse over this white box, it enlarges to become a bigger box.

Click on this big white box, and you will find a new Quick Note at the center of your screen.

You can now use this Quick Note to write or note down whatever you have in mind.

More Uses of Quick Note

Add Desired Content from Safari to Quick Note

Quick Note can be used to save desired content from Safari. Here is how to do it:

Open the Safari app on your macOS and open a desired website. Go through the content to see what you would like to save.

Highlight the text that you need to save

Control-click the text and select the option Add to Quick Note – not just will a link will appear in the Quick Note the text you highlighted stays as it is in the Safari too. So, when you visit this website again, you will find this highlighted text.

If you wish to remove the highlighted portion from the website, simply delete the Safari link from the Quick Note.

Quick Note is handy and easy to use. It simplifies your work!

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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