Every now and then we feel the urge to share our emotions through emoticons or GIFs. GIFs play a critical function in delivering our emotions to the person on the other side.

GIFs come in a variety of forms, including those that incorporate certain words or emotions. However, you may find GIFs with explicit material on a dedicated GIF website called However, Gfycat launched from the start to host sexual content. became a leading site due to it’s quality materials. But an unexpected problem arose and that was RedGIFs stopped working and it screwed up many customer services. The problem faced by the user was that all of a sudden, they were not able to have access to view some of the GIFs. In this article, we have tried to look into the possible reasons why customers have faced this sort of problem and came up with an extensive range of solutions.

How to Fix RedGIFS not playing & RedGIFS not working

At the beginning of 2019, Gfycat launched for pornographic content. Gyfact, however, outlawed all pornographic content in 2020 due to numerous disputes. Additionally, RedGIF has been taken over by a newly established company and all pornographic content has been moved to As a result, users can now submit gifs to their profiles.

RedGIFS now has a variety of issues, such as being unable to load the GIFs or stucking/freezing on a single GIF, in addition to issues concerning rewards being offered to devoted users. However, several Reddit users have expressed their concerns about it. Unfortunately, there isn’t a recognized fix. But after a careful investigation, we identified a few potential reasons why RedGIFs isn’t working. Learn more about the fixes by looking at the list below.

Reload the page to see if it helps

Most of the time, many websites require a page reload. Considering that if you spend a lot of time being inactive on a particular website, you are at times asked to reload the page. If you don’t reload, you can get issues like the not loading or stucking error on a specific GIF, among other things. We advise reloading the Redgifs website page in this case. As a result, the issue with Redgif not working should be fixed.

Delete the cache files on your browser

Each website you visit stores a small number of cache files and you usually perform several searches on your browser. Additionally, these cache files frequently result in problems when Redgifs are used. Because after a given length of time, the cache files in your browser are removed, updated or changed. As a result, whenever you try to access the Redgifs website, an error message stating “page not loaded” will appear. You could, in this case, clear the cache on your browser. You can also delete cache files by using the techniques listed below.

We’ve chosen Google Chrome as our example for clearing cache files. Similar steps can be followed to clear the cache on other browsers since most browser navigation is probably the same.

  • First launch Google Chrome on your PC and click on the three vertical points at the top right corner
  • Under More tools, click on the ‘clear browsing data’ option.
  • Choose a time period or all time from a drop-down menu available
  • Tick all the boxes below in addition to cookies and cached files
  • Next, click on Clear data
  • The cache files on your browser will be deleted now

Consider switching to a different browser

Your current browser might be causing issues with the relevant GIF website. Moving to a different market-available browser like Firefox or Microsoft edge is strongly suggested in this situation. Also, don’t hesitate to get in touch with customer support if the Redgifs website still fails to load in the interim.

Turn off the Adblocker

Ad Blockers are built into every web browser. It gives the browser the ability to block numerous adverts that can be found on any particular website. An ad blocker’s drawback is that it could periodically stop website activity. It is therefore, likely, that people are going to have issues with Redgifs not loading.

Piece of advice – We use Google Chrome to remove the adblocker. It is likely that your browser is making use of a distinct navigation scheme, though. Fortunately, these instructions give a brief rundown of the options and tabs that can be used to disable an ad blocker.

  • Open Google Chrome to get started and head towards Settings
  • Click on Security and Privacy under Settings
  • Next select Site Settings and Additional Permissions
  • Now, toggle the Ads option off
  • Your ad blocker has been completely disabled

Turn on JavaScript

JavaScript is essential for every web browser. It simplifies interpreting the results shown on the browser’s screen. JavaScript occasionally disables itself. Due to this, some websites, including Redgifs have loading issues. In this case, taking advantage of your web browser’s JavaScript capability is recommended. If you can’t, follow the instructions below to enable JavaScript:-

  • Open Google Chrome and head to Settings
  • Click on the option Security and Privacy
  • Select Site Settings and then JavaScript
  • Now, select ‘sites can use JavaScript’
  • That’s all, your browser is now set to allow JavaScript

These are the possible solutions that we have identified. It’s possible that the aforementioned fixes will help you to resolve your issue.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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