Turn Off Discord Notifications

While playing multiplayer games, Discord is a wonderful way of communicating with your teammates. Through audio and text notifications, players can exchange information with the group members. However, most times, the notification features from Discord do more distraction than help. You must be annoyed with the constant influx of Discord notifications. As a result, knowing how to turn off these pesky popups will be a great help for regular users. We have explored every available setting for figuring out how to turn off Discord notifications. Let’s dive into details.

Ways to turn off discord notifications

For Individual users disable discord notifications

Do you wish to mute a garrulous friend on Discard? For individual users, you can disable notifications if you have already not had a silent word. This will help you stop receiving popup alerts when you get a new direct message. When the user has tagged you in a channel message, the message itself and the notification will stay hidden from your view. Here’s how:-

Firstly, you need to open the Discord web app or the Discord app and then sign in

To view your messages, you need to press Home

Then, in the list of Direct Messages, right-click on the user and then hover over Mute

After this, select your suitable duration which ranges from 15 minutes to until you turn it on

Steps to mute Discord users in a particular channel

For this, you need to open the Discord app and then select your server

On the left, select a channel and then right-click the user on the right

Select Mute from the popup menu

Mute Discord Channel Notifications

Few Discord server channels tend to have more activities than the rest. When you try managing your screen time, you might wish to mute the channels that you do not participate actively. There are two ways for muting a channel on Discord. If you wish, you can mute that when you want to stop all the notifications. There is another way, and if you wish, you may also limit the kind of channel notifications that you receive. Here’s how:-

Foremost, you need to open Discord on your computer or with your web browser

From the icons on your left side, you need to select your Discord server

Then you need to right-click on a channel and hover over Mute Channel

Select a time between 15 minutes and until you turn it on

Limit discord channel notifications:

For this, you have to open Discord and then select your Discord server

After right-clicking on a channel, you need to hover over the Notification settings

Now, based on channel category, you have to choose between only mentions, all messages, use category default, or nothing if you want to stop them entirely

Mute the notifications of the Discord Server

For a specific server, you can stop Discord notifications by muting the server. Any popup alerts will not be visible to you. Also, the red color icon that is present next to the image of the server will not appear. You can even limit the kind of server notifications you receive if you would prefer based on their recipient, user role, and message location.

Follow these steps to turn off notifications of the Discord server:

Firstly, you need to open the Discord web app or the Discord app and then sign in

Then, on the left, right-click on a server

Drift to Mute server

Select a time between 15 minutes and until you turn it on

To limit the notifications of the Discord Server

For this, you need to open Discord and then right-click on the server icon

Go to Notifications settings

Select an option that limits your notification. Like select Only mentions for receiving only alerts when someone tags you in a message

Now, if you wish to stop only the mobile notifications, then deselect the checkbox Mobile push notifications

Windows notification settings

When you want to turn off the notifications without tinkering with the app settings of the Discord app, you need to use the own notification commands of the Windows:

On Windows 10

Click on Start on the Windows taskbar

Select settings from the menu that are shown up

Choose systems from the icon list

Click on the option Notifications and actions from the menu that you see on the left

Now under the notification section, you have to toggle the option Get notifications from other senders and apps off

On Windows 8

By clicking on the Windows icon or just hitting the Windows + C present on the keyboard, the Windows charms menu appears.

Locate and click on the Settings

Select and then click on the Change PC settings

Click on Notifications under the section PC settings

You have to turn off the Show app notifications option under the notifications section

On Windows 7

On the taskbar, press the start button first

Then from the list, choose Control Panel

Select and click on the System and security

Finally, search for Action Centre and then toggle it off

Turn off Discord Email Notifications

Discord sends emails to your registered email ID to alert you for any particular DM you receive while offline. These are definitely handy, but they can sometimes turn out to be a bit annoying. Follow the below steps to turn them off:-

First, you need to open the email notification that Discord has sent you

You can find the link to turn off the notifications on the message itself. You will find these at the bottom half of the mail in the body

You need to confirm that you do not wish to receive any further notifications, then you won’t receive them further.

Wrapping Up

Discord is a wonderful way of establishing communities over your interests and hobbies. After you have created a server of your own, you will be able to play music, add bots and even entirely delete a Discord server. You can now turn off the Discord notifications with the simple steps mentioned above. Depending on the device, if you wish, you may also limit or stop notifications using the settings menu of your own device. For the Discord app, you can stop app notifications on Windows. Knowing how to turn off discord notifications, you will be able to concentrate more on your game.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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