Breathe Underwater In Minecraft

Minecraft is a very popular game among gamers as it is exciting and full of thrills. During the game, you can face several hostile situations, and one of the most dangerous environments is when you get stuck underwater. There are different ways that can increase the time you can spend underwater and continue the game. Here, we will discuss some methods you can use to stay alive and breathe underwater in Minecraft.

There are three different ways to do this. Firstly, you can stay alive underwater for a long time by using potions or building a conduit with a heart of the sea and nautilus shells. As you will only have the power to do this with prismarine blocks, you will only be able to do that after you conquer an ocean monument. Besides that, you can craft a turtle shell from turtle scutes that get dropped by baby turtles maturing.

Potions allow you to breathe underwater in Minecraft for 3 to 8 minutes. The turtle shell will allow you to breathe underwater for up to 70 seconds, and the conduit will help you to breathe underwater as long as you are within the range. We will discuss the three methods in detail in this article.

Methods to breathe underwater in Minecraft:

With potion

A potion will allow you to breathe underwater for 3 to 8 minutes. For making this, you would need a brewing stand, pufferfish, blaze powder, nether wart, and a water bottle. Follow the instructions to make the potion:-

First, you would need to fish up the primary ingredients. Make sure to place some sand in the furnace to make the glass bottles. With every 3 pieces of glass, you could make three bottles.

Now, you will need to travel to the nether to get the blaze rods, blaze powder, and nether wart.

Next, you will have to build a nether portal and start looking for your fortress. Once you get that, you must find your blazes and blaze spawner.

To get the blaze rods, you have to kill some blaze enemies. Go to your fortress and find a room with red fungus and the staircase

Now, harvest some nether warts and get back to the surface.

Now you have all the ingredients. You have to start making a brewing stand from three pieces of cobblestone and a blaze rod on a crafting table.

Gather your glasses and place them in a “v” shape in the crafting menu for making the glass bottles. On the other hand, you need to make some sugar by placing the sugarcane on your crafting menu.

Right-click on any water source with your glass bottles to fill them with water and place your brewing stand, followed by right-clicking on it to open the UI. Fill the bottles with your water bottle’s three shots.

Put the blaze powder in the top left slot to fuel your brewing stand, then turn some blaze rods into blaze powder to put them into the brewing stand.

You’ll need to make awkward potions first, so keep a nether wart in your brewing stand’s ingredient slot and wait until the cooking is complete.

Now that you’ve done brewing the awkward potion, you’ll need to place your pufferfish into the ingredient slot and finish brewing. It can take up to 20 seconds.

Now, you have the potion to breathe underwater in Minecraft.


It will help you to breathe underwater as long as you are within the range.

Follow the steps mentioned below for using this method to breathe underwater:-

Track a shipwreck by swimming around the ocean. You can feed dolphins some raw fish and take help from them.

Find the treasure map and try another one if you cannot find it in that shipwreck.

Open the map and take note of the “X” you find on the map and swim towards the shore according to the direction.

Start digging near X. You may have to dig quite deep to find your treasure chest.

Every treasure chest should create a heart of the sea.

Once you get your heart, you must start looking for drowned, especially those holding a nautilus shell.

Any drowned holding a shell will always drop it, and you must gather up eight shells.

Head to your crafting table and keep the heart of the sea in the middle slot, followed by surrounding that with nautilus shells.

Now, you will have the entity to conquer the ocean.

For building the frame of the conduit, you will need a minimum of 16 blocks while constructing the grid around the conduit. You can power up the conduit with a maximum of 42 blocks of prismarine or sea lanterns.

The conduit needed to be in the middle of 3x3x3 water blocks.

Start building it with a “+” on the ground with some prismarine build-up on the edges.

Keep a ring of prismarine around the top layer of the edges of the “+”.

To utilize it perfectly, raise a few blocks of prismarine.

You can rearrange the cage however you like but make sure it remains within the 5x5x5 of the conduit, and the conduit has 3x3x3 of water around it.

Besides breathing underwater, it will help you see further, kill hostile mobs and play a heart-beating sound. You can prepare a castle in the sea with multiple conduits in a perimeter.

Turtle Helmet

This method can be time-consuming, so you should go for it earliest in the game. Make sure that you have enough time when you choose this method. Follow the steps for using this:

First, catch the attention of turtles by using seagrass. Drive into a non-frozen ocean and gather some sea grass by using shears.

Turtles move toward the beaches to lay eggs, and you have to keep a turtle you want to own fenced in blocked off.

Note- Turtles will always remember the block they hatched on and consider it their home. If you gently move a turtle egg to a new location, the baby turtle will consider your place its new home beach.

Feed the turtles seagrass

Feed two turtles seagrass, and they will produce sea turtle eggs.

After they complete the love mode, one of the turtles will seem a little larger, and in a few seconds, it will dig in the sand for laying the eggs.

Collect this egg with a silk touch tool. Before hatching, it will seem to be cracked. Turtles are more likely to hatch at night.

Once the egg is hatched, you will get the baby sea turtles. Speed up their growth by 10% by feeding them seagrass. Once they get fully mature, they will drop a scute. You’ll need 5 scutes to get the turtle shell.

After collecting all 5 scutes, you can start making sea turtle shells on your crafting table. It is just like making another helmet in the game that has an “n” shape. You’ll need to make them on the crafting menu.

You can now equip the turtle shell to have the water breathing effect for 10 seconds. You’ll need to refresh the timer by spending time outside the water. It will also provide you with 1 armor point, and you also can enchant it with respiration to increase the amount of time it will allow you to spend underwater, up to 70 seconds.

So, here we have discussed the methods you can use to breathe underwater in Minecraft. You can choose any of them for the purpose.

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