how to check RAM usage on Windows 10

Your data stored in your computer wouldn’t load quickly without the presence of RAM or Random Access Memory. It is the main or primary memory of your system, and you cannot imagine your laptop functioning properly without it. So, if you would like to check the RAM of your system, probably if you wish to upgrade it, then here is how to check RAM usage on Windows 10.

What is Random Access Memory (RAM)?

RAM is a system memory which can be read and changed randomly. All the working data of your computer are stored in it for the user to access when they want. Majorly there are 2 types of RAM available: Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) and Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM). The more RAM your system has, the better the programs will run. If your system tends to get slow, then you must first check for the RAM. Increasing the capacity of the RAM will boost your systems working.

Wondering how to check your RAM speed on windows 10? Here are three different ways in which you can check the RAM and its speed on your system.

Method 1: Check RAM from Task Manager

Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc key together on your keyboard to open the Task Manager

Here you will find different tabs and to check the RAM, you must click on the Performance tab

On this page, you will find Memory. Click on it to unveil the details of the RAM of your system. You will be able to see the RAM, its usage, and speed.

Method 2: Check RAM Using Run Box

Press Windows Logo key + R together on your keyboard to open the Run box

Type msinfo32.exe (you can just copy-paste it from here) and click on OK

A new page of System Information opens, and under the System Summary you will find several details of your system including that of your RAM

Scroll down to locate Installed Physical Memory or RAM. You can check your RAM size displayed under the VALUE just beside it.

Method 3: Check RAM from Control Panel

how to check RAM usage on Windows 10

From the Start menu in the Search bar of your system type Control Panel

Next click on System

You will be able to view the basic information of your computer on this page

Under System information along with the processor, system type, pen, and touch, you will find Installed Memory (RAM) and the information about it.

You can check the RAM of your system using the mentioned steps and upgrade the RAM of your system if required.

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