how to check uptime in Windows using cmd

Are you a Windows lover? Windows offer a great deal of flexibility in downloading third-party applications and also allows you to customize things the way you like. One of the perks of having a Windows PC is that you can get to work on the most user-friendly applications such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, which are very necessary to learn. One thing that you can’t directly do in Windows 10 is that you can’t check the screen time of your computer.

Screen time allows you to check how much time you have spent in front of the screen working or watching movies. Even though you can’t bifurcate the activities as you can do on a Mac, you can still see the total uptime of your computer. So how to check uptime in Windows using cmd. Follow the below steps.

Steps to check uptime in Windows using cmd

If you are using an older version of Windows, then you can follow the same steps and check the uptime for your computer. Just go to the start menu if it is not Windows 10 and search for the command prompt by typing cmd. For Windows 10 users, they can directly type it on the search menu.

Then click open the command prompt. After the application is opened, you have to type in the space where you can – ‘Systeminfo’ and then just press the enter key.

A series of data will come in front of you, and you will be able to see one specific category named – System boot time. It will show you the exact time you switched on your computer.

There are other ways of doing this as well. If you don’t want to use a command prompt for checking the uptime of your computer, you can check it from the task manager as well.

How to check uptime in Windows from Task Manager 

how to check uptime in Windows using cmd

Open the task manager first. One of the easiest ways of opening the task manager is to use the keyboard shortcut. Just press and hold all of these keys at the same time – CTRL + ALT + Delete.

Tap on the performance tab, and you will be able to see an option called – ‘More Details’. Just click on it.

There on the screen of the task manager, you will be able to see the uptime of your computer.

The third way to access the uptime of your computer is by using the net statistics command.

Open the command prompt and press on the enter key so that you can start typing.

Then type ‘Net Statistics Workstation’ and press the enter key.

Towards the top in the command prompt, you will be able to see a category – Statistic since and ahead of it will be a date and the exact time. This is the uptime of your computer.

These are the ways using which you can check the uptime in your windows PC. All the best!

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