split screen on mode Android Pie

Split screen is quite a nifty feature which lets the Android users use two windows on one screen. Let’s say you can check your WhatsApp notification while also keeping your Facebook screen on. It lets you perform different functions, such as copy and paste the location of the restaurant you would like to visit whose address you just got from a website without having to close either windows.

If you are wondering how to use the split screen on mode Android Pie, then go through the guide below.

Enable Gesture on Android

Without enabling the gesture mode, you cannot use split screen feature on your phone.

  • Go to Settings > Systems > Gestures > Swipe Up on Home Button

split screen on mode Android Pie

Google had introduced the usage of multi-window for smartphones in Nougat. However, the way of using it was a bit complicated. One needed to tap and hold on a window and drag it to the top of the screen to initiate multi-window and then tap on a second window to keep them together on the screen. This is totally different on Android Pie. The process has become much easier.

Here is what you need to do on Android Pie:

Open the Apps you want to use on the split screen

Now Swipe up from bottom. Some users may have to swipe up their Home button

Tap on the app icon you want for split screen

Tap on the app sign to get the menu

From the options select Split Screen

Tap on the bottom window app

This will let you launch two apps on the split screen

You will now be able to use the apps on split screen

While using the split screen on your smartphone the app that you tap first for switching to split screen is the main window and the app that is running at the bottom functions is the secondary window. You can scroll up or down within Chrome or Facebook app or any two apps that you are using and both will run independently as two separate windows with an independent scroll button. You can also use this feature in landscape mode if you want. You just need to rotate your phone and both the app screens will rotate – provided the mode is turned on.

Follow these easy steps mentioned above and you will be able to use split screen mode on your Android Pie.



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